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Education Opportunities

Internships & Education

Intern Mimi in poolEach year IPC hosts a variety of students and professionals seeking to expand their knowledge in the field of veterinary rehabilitation and its many modalities. We are proud to provide mentorship to students of the Canine Rehabilitation Institute and the University of Tennessee pursuing certification in canine rehabilitation. We provide students with one-on-one training and hands-on opportunities to ensure you get the most out of your internship. In addition, IPC hosts veterinary students, technicians, physical therapists and veterinarians from all over the world interested in further education in this discipline.

  • Canine Rehabilitation Institute– Both our Chicago and Homer Glen locations are approved internship sites for students pursuing their certification as a Canine Rehabilitation Assistant, Canine Veterinary Rehabilitation Nurse or Canine Rehabilitation Therapist.
  • University of Tennessee with Northeast Seminars– Both our Chicago and Homer Glen locations are approved externship sites for students pursuing their certification as a Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner.
  • Summer Internship– Both locations now offer a summer internship position to one veterinary student each year. If you are interested in applying for this position (which typically runs from May to August) please submit a resume and a cover letter to
  • If you are interested in visiting IPC for a program not listed above or for a shadowing opportunity please contact your location of interest. We also host wet labs for veterinary student groups interested in a hands-on group learning opportunity.

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Homer Glen

I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to be an intern at Integrative Pet Care. It was absolutely one of the most hands-on learning experiences I have had thus far. The close-knit staff functions with the sole purpose of providing phenomenal care and helping their patients attain the highest quality of life possible. The irreplaceable experience allowed me to gain both mentors and friends, and in the process I gained a deeper appreciation for the art of veterinary care. I aspire to be as skillful and passionate as the team at IPC and hope to be able to carry these elements into my future work environment!

-Amanda Johnson

I have nothing but great things to say about the internship at IPC! The summer working with the IPC team is still one of my favorite summers ever. The internship program is such a great opportunity to learn about physical medicine/rehabilitation – a unique and growing area within the veterinary medicine profession. The experience helped to develop my orthopedic and neurological physical examination skills. In addition, I was exposed to many different modalities for pain management and involved in long term patient care to help promote return to function. The part of the internship that impressed me the most was the positive and supportive work environment. The entire staff is so welcoming, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Between the amazing staff, committed clients and (treat) motivated patients, the experience as a whole is so rewarding and highly recommended!!

 Amelia Nora

During my internship, I was given the independence to guide my own learning. For example, I could help out with an underwater treadmill appointment and, while reading the patient’s chart, stumble across a neurologic condition I was unfamiliar with. I could then wander into the office, pick up a textbook and read about the condition, then have a discussion with one of the doctors about it. The next hour, I could be sitting going through the ‘pharmacy’ researching holistic medications. I could direct my learning in any direction I wanted and everyone at IPC enthusiastically supported my efforts to learn!
I received one-on-one hour-long didactic lectures about topics such as neurologic conditions, common orthopedic surgeries, nutrition, chiropractics, and gait analysis. Who else gets that kind of personalized mentoring from an internship?! It was incredible.
The staff at IPC is one of a kind. I loved every second of my internship because of the staff. They are so knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly, passionate about what they do every day. I found that everyone wanted to share their passion with me, which is what made them the best teachers. You really do learn the most from people who love what they are teaching you.
I had such a memorable experience working as an intern for IPC. I created such wonderful relationships and developed life-long friends and mentors. Even after my internship, I found that IPC remained in my life and they continue to support my educational efforts throughout the remainder of vet school. They have hosted wetlabs for my school club, they have provided me with contacts for externships, and I have even gone back to discuss my life plans!

-Melissa Andruzzi