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IPC News

May 2021 – Loretta

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Loretta came from a shelter in Texas. SAFE Now Animal Rescue saved Loretta from that shelter in February 2020. On the way up to Illinois, they stopped in Oklahoma where Loretta had 8 puppies in the hotel bathroom (she originally had 11, but 3 didn’t make it). Once the puppies were adopted, Loretta was spayed, and then the rescue noticed that she was limping on her left rear leg. Sure enough, she tore the cranial cruciate ligament. With the foster owner being close friends with Dr. Dave and Amber Ihrke, Loretta was brought to Colonial Manor Animal Hospital on May 20, 2020, for a TPLO on her L stifle.

I met her on May 21, 2020 when she was staying in the clinic after her surgery. She was being fostered at the time, and because I fell in love with her the first second I saw her, I knew I wanted to try to adopt her. I had been looking to adopt a dog for almost a year at that point, but never found a dog that would be a good fit for the household, until Loretta. Working for IPC, I knew I was a good owner for her because I knew exactly how to care for her post-op as well as later in her life if her mobility was affected from arthritis, and I knew she would be a good fit for my family because of how sweet she is. Dr. Dave at CMAH talked to the foster owner and the rescue owner about a me being interested in adopting her when they came to pick her up on May 22, 2020. I then adopted Loretta on May 27, 2020.

Since being adopted and completing her treatment plan, Loretta is back to completely normal mobility, loves to runIMG_2441 around the yard, watch all the squirrels, clean up any and all food-related messes on the floor, and her favorite thing to do is cuddle as close to you as possible getting as much love as she can! With the resources at IPC and the ability to bring her and work on her every day, Loretta was able to recover quickly and smoothly, and now she loves coming to work with me and saying hi to all of her friends to get as much attention as possible from everyone.

Loretta is a wonderful patient! She never complains about anything, she recovered perfectly from her TPLO, and she loves to see us! She is the friendliest, happiest dog. It is always a joy to see her walking around the clinic and to see how well she is doing with her mobility and health. We love having her around!

Dr. Dave, Colonial Manor Animal Hospital

Loretta came to us from SafeNow rescue after cranial cruciate repair. She immediately won the hearts of the entire IPC team, especially Michelle, who was her primary therapist. Michelle worked with Loretta nearly every session and she had profound improvement in her weight-bearing and mobility after surgery.  In the end, Michelle decided to adopt Loretta and give her a forever home…a very happy ending.

Dr. Amber Ihrke, Loretta’s IPC veterinarian

What can I say about Loretta? I love her!!!! She is always so excited to be here and work with us. After recovering from her TPLO surgery, she has been a great demo dog for teaching new technicians and interns about rehab or to practicing restraint techniques. She is very happy to do anything for food and attention and is especially good at cleaning up all the crumbs of treats on the floor at the end of the day. She is like a celebrity when she walks into the building! We all look forward to seeing her!

Katie, Loretta’s IPC Therapist

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Loretta’s family has selected SAFE Now Animal Rescue, who rescued Loretta!

We’re an Animal Rescue & Foster group that is dedicated to Saving Animals From Euthanasia Now. We are an all volunteer animal rescue and adoption organization based in Manhattan, Il. We are dedicated to providing humane care and shelter for abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals. We get dogs with no options and help them find their own family. Some of the dogs come from shelters, others are from owners who have found themselves unable to care for a loved pet. Unfortunately, there are so many animals that need help that we have almost always been operating at capacity. Our hope is to grow and save more dogs. Finding the animals suitable new homes and increasing public awareness of the responsibilities of pet ownership are our main goals.


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April 2021 – Bree

1 month ago · · Comments Off on April 2021 – Bree · Homer Glen, Homer Glen's Patient of the Month, Patient of the Month, Rehabilitation


Before us, Bree was purchased from Happiness is Pets and relinquished at 4 months old. She then went to a family (when we originally tried to adopt her) and was later relinquished back to the original rescue she came from (Recycled Rotts). We were told she spent almost a month in a kennel at the vet clinic before being able to be placed in foster care. She had lost some weight and seemed to be shutting down a bit & as far as manners & training there was very little direction. Although she was a handful her energy helped get our other rottweiler, Ike, moving more and in the long run, they became great together.

Bree’s Family

Bree & Ike <3

 In February 2020 Bree began to limp very badly. We had gone through 3 veterinarians in 3 years and didn’t really know where to take her. Then we remembered in August 2017 both Bree & Ike participated in a Rottweiler study conducted by Dr. Amber Ihrke & Katie and knew that Dr. Amber was specialized in canine rehabilitation. We called and set up an appointment immediately.

In February 2020 we were told Bree needed surgery to repair her ACL in her left rear knee. Dr. Dave Ihrke did her surgery and she started therapy shortly afterward. In early June 2020, Bree tore the right ACL and went back in for surgery with Dr. Dave. We feel the therapy she was doing prior to the second tear really helped with her recovery time. Dr. Dave is an awesome, gifted surgeon who really took good care of Bree. Dr. Amber, Katie & Michelle really stepped up the therapy and got Bree moving again. She had TPLO surgery on both knees! People are amazed when we tell them Bree has 2 knee replacements.

Bree’s Family

Bree continues to improve and goes once a week for a maintenance program of underwater treadmill. She absolutely loves it there and looks forward to it every week. After losing her brother Ike in March 2019 we feel this therapy is not only great physically for her but almost equally important now mentally. She loves seeing everyone and we were told she does a victory lap when she is done, not sure what that consists of but we picture it as Bree being the social girl that she loves to be. We also believe in the healing properties of water to not only bring balance to her physically but also emotionally. With the pandemic restrictions for most of her therapy, it has been challenging but the whole staff has been great and we trust them with our bionic girl. 

Bree’s Family

Bree is a long-time patient after having surgery on both of her knees.  She is always happy when she comes to see Katie and Michelle and enjoys her underwater treadmill sessions.  Routine rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery can have a profound positive effect on strength, endurance, and muscle mass in these patients.  We love Bree and look forward to keeping her comfortably mobile for years to come.

Dr. Amber Ihrke, IPC Veterinarian

I start my week every Monday with Bree and I would not have it any other way! She is such a sweetheart of a dog and is always eager to do whatever we ask of her, especially when treats are involved! She has recovered well from both of her surgeries and continues to improve as I challenge her throughout her maintenance plan. She is a pure joy to work with!

Katie, IPC Therapist

Bree is a wonderful patient! She is silly and goofy and loves saying hi to every person that walks by her! It’s an absolute pleasure working with her, so much so that Katie and I sometimes fight over who gets to work with her each week. Bree is just so happy all the time and brightens my day every time I see her! I am grateful that I have been able to help keep her comfortable and mobile after surgeries on both of her knees, and now she feels so good that she makes all the hard work she does look easy!

Michelle, IPC Therapist

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Bree’s family has selected Recycled Rotts.

Learn more about Recycled Rotts on their website:

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March 2021- Blu Bear

2 months ago · · Comments Off on March 2021- Blu Bear · Homer Glen, Homer Glen's Patient of the Month, Patient of the Month

Blu Bear

When Blu Bear was about 6 weeks old, he was found very hurt, and Linda Estrada, the director of the Chicago Ridge Animal Welfare League, made a special effort to save him. He did lose a leg but fought very hard and survived.

We saw Blu hours after his leg was amputated and said that if he survived we would take him – we had to have him he was so adorable and it was so unfair for such a little puppy to go through what he did

When Blu Bear was very little his eyes were blue and he looked like a little bear – thus the name Blu Bear. He is a Newfoundland/Golden mix and a very handsome boy. 

When he was about 2 an amazing thing happened. Thanks to our wonderful connection to the Animal Welfare League, we were invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show with Blu Bear. Oprah was having a special episode called “Amazing Animals,” honoring shelter rescues, as she had just rescued her pet. What an awesome experience! On stage he met Oprah and Glen Close.

Blu Bear loves spending his time watching the squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and other wildlife, and hanging with the neighbor canine friends. 

Blu Bear’s Family

He also loves walking in the forest preserves and around our neighborhood, though, if it were up to him, we would have snow and cold weather all the time.

He seems to believe all humans large or small are here to pet and hug him. I take him with me to my and my friend’s place – Windy City Arabians Training and Learning Center stable. There is always an abundance of children and adults to pet and play with him in between their horse riding lessons. Since Blu Bear is so laid back, he gets to be around the horses and watch all the action. He love going places in the car and even have his very own special ramp. Parties are truly a favorite – lots of people to pay attention to him. Blu Bear couldn’t possibly be spoiled – He’s just too irresistible!!

Blu Bear’s Family

Blu Bear’s family brought him to IPC Homer Glen about a year ago, at the age of 12, due to a decline in his mobility and hind limb strength. Dr. Amber Ihrke prescribed underwater treadmill, massage, laser therapy, and acupuncture to help Blu Bear to feel and move more comfortably.

Blu’s one back leg and back were giving out and I was so afraid that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. I spoke with my vet office –  Orland Small Animal Hospital and they gave me (IPC’s) brochure and recommendation.

Blu Bear’s Family

Blu Bear came to us a year ago with the goal of moving better and improving his quality of life.  He had his left rear limb amputated at 6 weeks of age and now at 12 years old, he was starting to slow down.  With the help with rehabilitation and adding a cart to use as a “walker”, Blu Bear is moving better than ever.

Dr. Amber Ihrke, IPC Veterinarian

Blu Bear is a wonderful dog, and it is such a joy to work with him! He came to us starting to have struggles with his one rear leg (having lost the other when he was a puppy). Through laser and massage sessions, and especially having him walk in the water, he continues to maintain his independent mobility well into his senior years. One of the best ways we were able to help him was by fitting him for a cart, and I love hearing the stories of all the walking and hiking he can do with the cart supporting him. It’s amazing to work with a dog that has so much spirit in him because he isn’t letting a missing leg stop him from doing what makes him happy! 

Michelle, IPC Therapist

Blu has been going to (IPC) for almost a year. I truly don’t think he’d still be with us if it wasn’t for Integrative Pet Care. The therapy sessions helped him build strength and be able to maneuver better. He just turned 13 which is a miracle for a dog with his issues. (IPC) fitted him for a wheelchair that he absolutely loves and also taught him to love the water treadmill and give him massages, acupuncture, and occasional chiropractic adjustments – and it all has helped him so so much but especially the water treadmill.

Blu Bear’s Family

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Blu Bear’s family has selected Animal Welfare League, because they saved Blu Bear’s life.

Learn more about the Animal Welfare League on their website: 

Animal Welfare League

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February 2021 – Rocky

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Rocky and his owner met each other that some would definitely call unconventional. It all started when Rocky’s owner was a volunteer at PAWS and she was asked to take a puppy to get x-rays for a broken leg. Let’s just say, it was love at first site and the rest was history.

Rocky had a ruptured MCL on his left hind leg, which caused a lot of tissue and ligament damage. Unfortunately, the damage was not fixable and he had to have his leg amputated in 2014. On the bright side, Rocky’s now owner was there to help him through the surgery and recovery process. After only a few weeks of knowing him, she knew Rocky would become a part of her family.

With many amputation cases, it is common for dogs to become weak in the intact limb from putting a significant amount of weight on it that would normally be split between the two limbs. Luckily for Rocky, his owner met a current IPC patient at the time that recommended Integrative Pet Care to her to help build some muscle in his core and right limb, as well as, relieve any discomfort he might have.

With Dr. Ridley I knew I was in good hands. She explained a lot about what would be ideal to aid in his recovery and what typical concerns they had with tripods. I understood a lot more about actions I could take to be proactive in his recovery and prevent any further injury which was really important to me. We’ve been exercising for almost 6 years and Rocky can’t get enough of his PT Rika.

Mia, Rocky’s Owner

Rocky started a program at IPC to help with some of these muscular issues and continued therapy until 2019 when they moved out of Chicago. It wasn’t until June of 2020 when they came back to IPC after moving back to the city. 

Finally! Rocky’s IPC family has known him for a looooooong time.  He and his mom moved away to Oregon for a time there, but given the current state of world affairs they are back in Chicago and we are selfishly very happy to have Rocky back at his old stomping ground.  Rocky is a goofball with a heart of gold and we love working with him and his mom.

Dr. Ridley, Rocky’s Veterinarian at IPC

This time around, Rocky came to IPC with concerns of an injury to his right hind limb. Since he was already a tripod, it was extremely important to heal any other potential injuries as soon as possible. Rocky started a new program in June, 2020 and has been coming in for his therapies every week since then. 

Rocky is a Rockstar in the gym! He re-started coming in for his therapy sessions around last spring, and he has changed so much in just one year. His right back leg is so much stronger, he’s got amazing core muscle strength AND he’s lost some weight, looking handsome as ever. I LOVE seeing him twice weekly for his sessions. He is always so ready for his workouts, and then super chill for his massage/laser, and I am blessed to have such an enthusiastic, adorable, and amazing patient. Way to go Rocky 🙂

Rika, Rocky’s Therapist

Because of our work at IPC, most people don’t even recognize he’s a tripod because he stands so straight and tall and runs like a maniac. Rocky is a mix, but he must be part hound because he loves to hunt and point. He’s a very active, and extremely curious dog so even in the winter he loves a long walk or playing with the neighborhood pack.

Mia, Rocky’s Owner

At this point, Rocky’s program consists of Therapeutic Exercises, Manual/Massage Therapy, and Laser Therapy. Since starting his therapies, he has become so much stronger and more confident as a tripod. He is so excited to come in every week and his owner is seeing so much progress with him. The team at IPC love Rocky’s enthusiasm every time he comes in and love seeing his progression throughout the years!

Rocky is what I would like to call a “Major Overachiever”. Even with only three legs, he makes his exercises look effortless and he always has a good time doing them. He needs to say hello to everyone he meets and just makes everyone’s day when he comes in. We love Rocky!

Katie, TA at IPC

Each month we ask our POTM to select an organization for us to feature. This month, Rocky’s owner asked us to feature Sit, Stay, Read: A literacy program that helps CPS students read by gaining confidence through reading aloud to dogs.

“I love when kids ask about Rocky because they get to learn about his differences and learn he’s just as awesome as any other dog!”
– Mia, Rocky’s Owner

This organization has made such a positive impact on Rocky and his owner’s lives. Please learn more about them in the link below:

Sit, Stay, Read:

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February 2021- Cosmo

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Cosmo’s family adopted him to be a playmate for their son Jack, 6 years old at the time. Getting Cosmo was good for Jack- Cosmo would go into the trampoline with him.  Jack would jump near Cosmo and make him plop up and down—giggling the entire time.  Other times, Cosmo would grab a toy and chase Jack around the trampoline. Cosmo also loved to play in the yard with branches and would share with his older canine sister, Hailey as well.

…Cosmo and Hailey always had a new stick they were chewing on.   I even got a picture of them sharing a stick.  Cosmo also liked to play tug-o-war with tree branches that hung over our back fence—it was pretty entertaining to watch. Hailey had a harder and harder time walking and after being with Cosmo for three and a half years, we put her to sleep.  Cosmo took it very hard and laid in all of Hailey’s “spots” looking sad and waiting for her to return.  Watching him grieve only added to our family’s sadness.  So,  two months after Hailey died, we decided to get another dog.  We got Cosmo’s new puppy friend, Cookie (Jack named her) from a rescue group based in Tennessee.Cookie and Cosmo are now partners in crime and let each other know when the UPS man is in the neighborhood.  It was during one of their backyard adventures—barking at dogs and people walking past our house—that Cosmo tore his  ACL.  We took him in to be evaluated and found out that Cosmo was 135lbs.  The doctor said he would not do the surgery until Cosmo got down to 90lbs., so the doctor recommended hydro-treadmill therapy . . . . we started going 1-2 times a week to another facility and meanwhile, Cosmo tore his other ACL . . . .   After traveling 29 miles each way for a few months, we finally looked for another place for Cosmo to get help and we were referred to Integrative Pet Care . . .

-Cosmo’s Family

Cosmo came to IPC-Homer Glen with bilateral CCL disease and obesity. Dr. Ihrke evaluated Cosmo and prescribed Hydrotherapy, Massage, Therapeutic Exercise, and Laser. 

Cosmo is the happiest golden retriever you would ever want to meet.  He came to IPC after a cruciate repair surgery on his right rear leg.  He needed to improve his weight-bearing, mobility, and lose some weight.  Cosmo has currently lost 17+ pounds and has minimal lameness on his surgical leg.  He always comes to therapy excited, ready to work, and loves walking on the land treadmill.  Cosmo is a great example of how weight optimization is an important component of any surgical recovery.  Way to go Cosmo!

Dr. Amber Ihrke, IPC Veterinarian

Cosmo loves coming to IPC and gets excited when we put his harness on because he KNOWS where he is going.  He enjoys the ride to IPC and likes to socialize when he gets there.  He likes other dogs, but he REALLY  LIKES PEOPLE the best.  He wants to be a snuggle buddy to everyone and doesn’t understand “personal space” whatsoever.  He thinks everyone loves a huge dog covering them in dog hair. 

Since coming to IPC Cosmo is now down to 105 lbs.  He is also peppier – he wants to go for walks and usually wants to go farther than I planned on walking.  Considering he has two torn ACLs, he really gets around well now and looks good walking.

-Cosmo’s Family

Cosmo is absolutely one of the best dogs! Its been amazing to see his transformation as he has lost weight and became more comfortable with both of his stifles. He is always so happy when he’s here and wants nothing but cuddles the whole time. After hitting a weight plateau just walking in the water and laser/exercises, we tried him on our land treadmill. Cosmo is a rockstar on it! Not only has he been able to go faster for longer periods of time than in the water, but it has jump started his weight loss again. He is almost less than 100 pounds now, which is huge since he started with us at 120 pounds. We love hearing how energetic he has become at home with the progress he has made here with us. I love all of my patients, but there is a very special place in my heart for Cosmo. It’s appropriate that our biggest love bug is the Patient of the Month for February!  

Michelle, IPC Therapist

I love Cosmo! He is a joy to work with for his exercises and weight loss! His owner has been doing a great job getting him to lose weight, and it has been amazing to see his transformation. It is always an exciting appointment with Cosmo because he is always so happy to be here and see us. I love being able to help him become more energetic by helping him lose more weight and become more comfortable with both of his stifles. I always look forward to his sessions!

-Katie, IPC Therapist


Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Cosmo’s family has selected Mercer Animal Rescue, where Cosmo’s best bud, Cookie, was adopted.

Mercer Animal Rescue purpose is to rescue, socialize, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted dogs, cats and horses.

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January 2021 – Tazzy

3 months ago · · Comments Off on January 2021 – Tazzy · Chicago, Chicago's Patient of the Month, Patient of the Month, Uncategorized ·,

Tazzy’s story is what we like to call a classic foster-fail situation.  It all started in 2016 when Tazzy’s owner had a link sent to her by her sister with a cute little cattle dog that needed a foster home. Long story short, let’s just say that after only a few weeks Tazzy made herself a permanent resident in her new home. 

“It’ll only be two weeks.” Tazzy came tumbling into my world in the summer of 2016. My sister Katie, who works tirelessly at feral rescue, happened to see a nervous cattle dog on stray hold at CACC. Inspired by her love for her own cattle/border collie, she sent me a link to Tazzy with a sly and casual “maybe you could foster her for two weeks, and New Leash on Life rescue will pull her and save her. Just two weeks, otherwise she doesn’t have a chance.” I think you know where this is going.

Sarah, Tazzy’s Owner

Tazzy, short for Tasmanian Devil, made herself right at home during her very short time as a foster. Within only two hours, she jumped right on the bed and snuggled down for a nap. Little did Tazzy’s owner know that the next few weeks would be filled with canine flu and kennel cough. However, thanks to her sister’s help, she made a speedy recovery and Tazzy’s true personality really started to shine. What started out as a shy and quiet little cattle dog, became a true playful and rowdy Tasmanian Devil.

This new-found sassy personality that Tazzy found is so much fun and rowdy! She does struggle with a few behavioral issues, however. She would be pretty intense on leash with other dogs and reactive in some uncomfortable situations. With many months of training and the support from Tricia Lindquist at New Leash on Life (NLOL) and Rick Medina at Bark Avenue, Tazzy’s owner was able to help Tazzy work through a lot of her behavioral issues.

Tazzy began her story at Integrative Pet Care when her owner noticed a limp in her front legs, and struggled to keep her head up on walks. After her consultation at IPC, she was diagnosed with lumbar and cervical pain. Her first rehabilitation appointment was on August 6th, 2019.

Normally, she’d walk for 2 hours if I let her, but suddenly, she struggled to make it two blocks. It’s possible she’s always had pain, but like most stubborn cattle dogs, she’s stoic and hides it until it’s dire.

Sarah, Tazzy’s Owner

For most active dogs like Tazzy, this was not very uncommon for the crew at IPC to see. She now comes in once a week for a variety of treatments which include: therapeutic exercise, massage/manual therapy, laser therapy, and acupuncture. The IPC family loves her sassy and sweet attitude, as well as her dire love for cheese and Zukes Mini Naturals treats.

I love starting my mornings with Tazzy. We get to snuggle and side eye the world together! One of the highlights of our time together is definitely watching her roll around on the floor after acupuncture! And cheese…she LOVES cheese

Brooklyn, Therapist Assistant at IPC

The transformation has been magical: at one point, I was worried she’d never enjoy walks again and here she is, getting stronger by the day.

Sarah, Tazzy’s Owner

Tazzy has come so far from when I first started working with her. She was nervous about the laser/massage and not really sure about the exercises either. Now, she LOVES her massage and laser. It’s so cute how she will sleep through that part, but then jump up and is ready for her workouts as soon as ask, ” Are you read?”. She is such a joy to work with, and I am so happy to see that she is super happy with her sessions now. Way to go Tazzy!

Rika, Tazzy’s Rehabilitation Therapist

After almost a year and half of therapy at IPC, Tazzy has made dramatic progress. Her owner reports she now loves going on walks and constantly cattle cries for more walks and is back to her playful, rowdy self.

I had the good fortune of taking over Tazzy’s case and she has quickly become one of my very favorite patients. She slowly grew to tolerate acupuncture, but as a working breed, she just loves her therapeutic exercises! Acupuncture works exceptionally well for her spinal issues and we love that she celebrates how good she feels afterward by rolling around on the floor. We just adore her sassy, stubborn nature, appreciate her love for cheese, and are honored to have won her over!

Dr. Martin, Tazzy’s Veterinarian at IPC

Tazzy is tireless and notorious for rolling on anything: dirt, rocks, snow, grass, pavement. The words CAR, PARK and HUNGRY rile her up, and she’s never met a toy, food or tummy rub she didn’t like….

….She loves slumber parties with her Auntie Katie and car rides to Michigan where she sniffs endlessly. Her brown eyes can and will bore holes through you (many have said she “looks right through your soul”), and she’s definitely humbled me. Watching her take joy in something as simple as sneaking on my bed to snuggle in the pillows or rolling in the grass and sunning at the park is enough to make me happy.

Sarah, Tazzy’s Owner.

Tazzy brings so much joy to everyone’s day at IPC and love working with her. Our favorite things about her is that big old smile and endless party tricks whether that is rolling around after acupuncture or showing off during exercises. Tazzy and her owner are truly a joy to have as a patient and client and the entire IPC team loves them.

Each month we ask our POTM to select organizations for us to feature. This month, Tazzy’s owner asked us to feature a few organizations that have impacted Tazzy’s life: Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC), where they worked tirelessly to give dog’s like Tazzy a chance at a happy life, New Leash on Life (NLOL) where Tazzy’s owner shortly realized who actually adopted who, and finally, The Anti-Cruelty Society, for their dedication to not only provide animals training and learning opportunities but their humans as well. These three organizations have helped Tazzy and her owner in so many ways to make sure she is comfortable and taken care of when needed. Please learn more about them in the links below:

Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC):

New Leash on Life (NLOL):

The Anti-Cruelty Society:

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January 2021- Tucker

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Tucker joined his family in October 2005 when his mom, Stacy, was working at Midwest Animal Hospital.  Tucker and his siblings were brought into the hospital together and soon put up for adoption.

Tucker was about 8 weeks old when he was adopted. When he was around 3 years old, his parents opened their store in New Lenox, Tucker’s Doggie Delights. Tucker has gone to work there every day since. He has always loved being the greeter and making so many new friends.  

 When Tucker started to slow down and struggle with his mobility, he came to IPC for a rehabilitation consultation. Dr. Ihrke determined that Tucker has multi-joint osteoarthritis and prescribed hydrotherapy, massage, and therapeutic laser. 

For the past couple years Tucker has been having a harder time getting up and moving around. We had been doing supplements but it got to a point earlier this year that we were always having to help him get up. We were told by a couple friends about water therapy and heard good things about Integrative Pet Care. Tucker did well his first visit so we decided that this was a good fit for him and us.

Integrative Pet Care has been a lifesaver. Tucker has lost weight, he is walking better and sometimes even gets a little trot when he is excited. He has even been able to get up on his own at times. He has been through a lot this year but he still seems happy 😊

Tucker turned 15 in September and he still loves his walks and seeing all his friends at our store.  

-Tucker’s family

Tucker is one of our most senior patients and he is a joy.  The goals for Tucker were to improve his mobility and address any discomfort.  Over the course of his treatment plan, Tucker lost some of his extra weight, improved his mobility, and improved his endurance…all with a great attitude.  Tucker is a great example of a thriving senior patient.

Dr. Amber Ihrke, Eve’s IPC Veterinarian

It has been an absolute blessing to be able to work with Tucker. He may never be very excited to see us, but he always does his work without complaining or resisting, and it is that drive to keep going, even if he doesn’t enjoy it, that has allowed him to stay as mobile as he is. And for being one of our oldest patients currently, it is amazing to see. Tucker is a prime example that age is just a number and that a little intervention can go a long way!

Michelle, Eve’s IPC Therapist

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Tucker’s family has chosen As Good as Gold Rescue.

As Good as Gold – Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois is dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of Golden Retrievers and golden mixes who are in need.  In addition, As Good as Gold educates Golden Retriever guardians and the general public about the importance of spaying/neutering, positive training methods, diet and exercise, appropriate medical treatment and humane care.

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December 2020 – Monte

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Monté Au Beurre, or as we like to call him, Monte was adopted by his family in 2009 from Wrightway Rescue right here in Illinois. Other than being irresistibly adorable, he has a huge personality that steals the heart of just about every person who meets him.

Monte is quite the charmer, sneaking in kisses whenever possible. While he’s mostly a “people dog,” he’s also a very patient big brother to his little sister. 

Aislinn and Philip, Monte’s Owners

While Monte is busy giving lots of kisses and chowing down on some peanut butter, he likes to spend his time playing fetch at the park. One of his favorite places to go is Prairie Wolf dog Park where he can go exploring off leash in the fields, make new friends, and of course, get muddy!

It was a few years ago, Monte’s owners noticed he would show a limp after a long play session. Initially, they thought it was a simple muscle strain. At 10 years old at the time it was bound to happen, but they decided to get a vet’s opinion just to be safe. The limp continued. Luckily for Monte and his owners, a few friends of theirs recommended Integrative Pet Care to them for physical rehabilitation.

Monte is the happiest, sweetest boy and has a love for peanut butter and giving kisses that can barely be contained! He is king at sneaking in a lick whenever you get close. Despite his increasing weakness due to his Degenerative Myelopathy, he never seems frustrated or annoyed by his limitations and works so hard to do whatever is asked of him. He is a joy to work with and we all could learn a lot from his incredible enthusiasm for life.

Dr. Martin, Veterinarian at IPC

Monte’s first appointment was on June 6, 2019. After his initial exam, our very own Dr. Martin shared that Monte’s limp was most likely a symptom of Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). For those who are unaware, DM is a progressive neurological disease of the spinal chord usually in older dogs. Dogs who have this, usually begin showing loss of coordination (ataxia) in their hind limbs, and also knuckle or drag their feet and/or wobble when they walk.

 It was devastating to learn that the condition would worsen with time. However, the IPC team gave us hope that he can live a fulfilling life and extend the use of his legs through various exercises. Monte is delighted because the homework involves lots of motivational treats!

Aislinn and Philip, Monte’s Owners

With such an active dog like Monte it would be difficult for him to slow down and control his enthusiasm; however, luckily for him he would be getting plenty of exercise during his rehabilitation at IPC. For a dog with DM, the therapists try to focus their sessions with the goals to strengthen his muscles, proprioception (awareness of his body and leg placement), and most importantly his comfort level. To do this, his program consists of a combination of therapies, which include: Hydrotherapy, exercise, massage, laser, and acupuncture. Since the start of his program, Monte has also acquired a cart so walking and running can be easier for him as his DM progresses.

Monte just brightens my day every time he walks into the clinic! You just can’t help but smile as he attacks you with kisses. He is always a pleasure to work with and is loved clinic wide

Brooklyn, TA at IPC

Monte has been coming to IPC ever since for his appointments and he has just celebrated his 11th birthday in November 2020. Even though his mobility has decreased since his diagnosis, he is still his energetic, fun puppy self with the help of his Help Em Up Harness and cart. He is such a sweet dog and the IPC team loves working with him when he comes in. He definitely makes our day a little brighter!

He certainly misses being independent, but he still finds joy at the park while cruising around in his cart. We are so grateful for the entire IPC team for building a positive environment where Monte can thrive.”

Aislinn and Philip, Monte’s Owners

Each month we ask our POTM to select an organization for us to feature. This month, Monte’s owners asked us to feature two organizations that have impacted Monte’s life: Wrightway Rescue, where Monte was rescued from and Prairie Wolf Dog Park, where Monte and his siblings get to explore and roam free. These two organizations have helped Monte and his owners in so many ways to make sure he is comfortable and taken care of when needed. Please learn more about them in the links below:

Wrightway Rescue:
Prairie Wolf Dog Park:

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December 2020 – Eve

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Eve was adopted as an adult from her breeder (Linincorgis) in Wisconsin. She was a singleton puppy hand-raised by her breeder and then did not develop the coat required for confirmation and breeding, so she was placed with her family when they inquired looking for a puppy, and they were happy to have her join our family as an adult!

Eve grew up bottle fed and then moved in to her forever home at 16 months of age. She did agility for a number of years until she developed a hip flexor/quad injury, after which she retired but did some nose work.  Over time she developed arthritis and now has degenerative myelopathy (DM), which is similar to ALS in humans. 


We first came to Integrative Pet Care to address problems Eve was having with her previous muscle injuries and arthritis. During her time in rehab from that, we began to notice subtle signs of DM where Eve would shuffle her feet. As the DM progressed, Eve began losing the ability to use her back legs.  Eve’s rehab has now shifted to addressing that.  

Integrative Pet Care has been instrumental in helping Eve initially come back from injury and now in helping her stay active and mobile while batting DM. Integrative Pet Care developed a home exercise program for Eve and assisted in obtaining her a wheelchair cart and fitting her for that. IPC also helped with prescribing Eve an Assisi loop and with fitting a Help Em Up Harness. 

Eve uses the underwater treadmill at Integrative Pet Care weekly to help her maintain strength and mobility. Underwater treadmill is highly recommended for dogs with DM and we are grateful to have the ability for Eve to use one with such great people helping her.         

Eve loves going to her appointments where she is pretty sure that she tricks everyone into giving her peanut butter and treats. We highly recommend Integrative Pet Care to anyone looking for rehab services! Eve can be found on Facebook here:

-Eve’s family

Eve is one of my favorite Corgis in all the world!  She first came to us with arthritis in her hips and responded well to her treatment.  As the years passed she developed a degenerative spinal cord disease and is now in a cart.  She continues to be so full of life even with all her challenges.  We love it when Eve comes to Integrative Pet Care!

Dr. Amber Ihrke, Eve’s IPC Veterinarian

Eve makes my day every time she rolls through the door! She has the best attitude and just loves everyone. She has not let her D.M slow her down in the slightest. There is nothing Eve will not do for some beef liver or peanut butter. I genuinely enjoy my sessions with her!

Katie, Eve’s IPC Therapist

We absolutely love working with Eve! She is by far one of the best corgis out there! Recently, degenerative myelopathy has been affecting her back legs more, but it hasn’t affected her spirit. She loves riding in her wagon and stopping everyone that passes by to say hi to them! Eve can’t get enough attention or treats it seems like, but that’s okay, we’re always happy to spoil her as we work with her to keep her as mobile as possible for as long as possible. She does great walking in the water, and I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of her rehab team! It’s always an exciting time of the week when Eve comes to see us!

Michelle, Eve’s IPC Therapist

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Eve’s family has chosen Corgi Aid  This is a NFP program that provides carts to rescue corgis or other corgis in need, along with assistance with foster care and medical bills for rescue corgis in need.  Eve’s cart will be donated to them when she no longer can use it. 

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November 2020 – Butter Bean

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Butter Bean, otherwise known as Bean, Buttas, The Bean Man, BB, etc., was adopted by his owner in April 2016 after her prior pup (an IPC alumni) named Sahara passed away in 2015. Bean was adopted from a rescue in the suburbs called Animal Rescue Foundation- Illinois (ARF). Before coming to ARF, he was rescued from a kill-shelter down in southern Indiana. 

Although it was love at first site for Butter Bean’s owner, it seemed like he did not feel the same way when they first met. No matter, Butter Bean’s owner took a chance and decided to bring him home anyway.

I have to admit, he wasn’t too excited to meet me – he seemed pretty happy with his foster family and all of their dogs.  However, we decided to give it a shot and he came home with me. While our first few days were sort of eventful (the first night we ended up at the emergency vet, and, later, the first walk we ever did, I locked us out of the house in freezing weather), we’ve settled into a great routine.

Belinda, Butter Bean’s Owner

Butter Bean first came to Integrative Pet care in August of 2019 when his primary care veterinarian noticed some issue with his patellas and recommended physical rehabilitation. It was later discovered by our very own Dr. Ridley that Butter Bean had some leg deformities, Grade III luxating patellas and some neurological issues. With that information, he was put on a program to focus on comfort and muscle strengthening (and help him lose some weight as well). He is currently receiving a combination of exercise, massage, and laser treatments once a week and an acupuncture treatment every other week. He used to do sessions in the hydro-treadmill to help with his strengthening, but prefers to do most of his exercises in the gym.

Seeing and working with Butter Bean is a high point of my week. His sassy disposition always brings a smile to my face!

Renee, Butter Bean’s therapist

Since then, he has been an IPC regular and one of the team’s fan favorites. He has recently been diagnosed with heart disease along with his limb and neurological issues; however, his comfort and strength has been improving thanks to the dedication of his owner and vet team.

Oh, dearest of Bean, lover of Cheerios. Your IPC team loves you so. You make us all giggle with your resting side-eye. You are impossible to not adore. Thank you for providing me with years of entertainment.

Dr. Ridley, Veterinarian at IPC
“The king of sassy side-eye!”

At now 11 years young, he is the such trooper through everything he has gone through. He will never pass up a treat (even if it only his special heart-healthy kibble treats) and has enough sass for anyone that comes around. He would never admit it, but he enjoys coming to for his sessions every week and the team absolutely loves having him.

What can I say about Butter Bean. First of all, he is just adorable. Second, I love his sassy, but sweet side. Sometimes, he will just come and sit as close to you as possible without actually laying on you. It is almost like a cuddle but in his own special way. He would never admit it, but I do think he loves us just as much as we love him. He is always so much fun to work with and brightens my day every time he is in. We love you, Butters!

Katie, TA at IPC of Chicago

Butter Bean has settled well in his new family over the past few years. He is such a sweet and shy guy, and always knows how to crack up everyone he meets. His owner says he loves a good belly rub and shows a little sly smile when he thinks he tricks his owner into giving him one. He is truly one of a kind!

He’s incredibly patient, putting up with me as well with a pair of new siblings (also rescues from ARF) who came into our home a couple of years ago.  The three “littles” as my brother and sister call them have really bonded, and I think they all enjoy one another’s company. Bean is the most stoic of all of them, and rarely causes any uproar in the house – he’s the calmest Chihuahua I’ve ever met.  I just love the little dude.

Belinda, Butter Bean’s Owner

Each month we ask our POTM to select an organization for us to feature. This month, Butter Bean’s owner asked us to feature two organizations that have impacted Butter Bean’s life: Animal Rescue Foundation of Illinois (A.R.F), where Bean and his two dog siblings were rescued from and Pets First Veterinary Clinic, where Bean has received his primary care treatment. These two organizations have helped Butter Bean and his owner in so many ways to make sure he is comfortable and taken care of when needed. Please learn more about them in the links below:

Animal Rescue Foundation of Illinois (A.R.F):

Pets First Veterinary Clinic:

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