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April 2021 – Bree


Before us, Bree was purchased from Happiness is Pets and relinquished at 4 months old. She then went to a family (when we originally tried to adopt her) and was later relinquished back to the original rescue she came from (Recycled Rotts). We were told she spent almost a month in a kennel at the vet clinic before being able to be placed in foster care. She had lost some weight and seemed to be shutting down a bit & as far as manners & training there was very little direction. Although she was a handful her energy helped get our other rottweiler, Ike, moving more and in the long run, they became great together.

Bree’s Family

Bree & Ike <3

 In February 2020 Bree began to limp very badly. We had gone through 3 veterinarians in 3 years and didn’t really know where to take her. Then we remembered in August 2017 both Bree & Ike participated in a Rottweiler study conducted by Dr. Amber Ihrke & Katie and knew that Dr. Amber was specialized in canine rehabilitation. We called and set up an appointment immediately.

In February 2020 we were told Bree needed surgery to repair her ACL in her left rear knee. Dr. Dave Ihrke did her surgery and she started therapy shortly afterward. In early June 2020, Bree tore the right ACL and went back in for surgery with Dr. Dave. We feel the therapy she was doing prior to the second tear really helped with her recovery time. Dr. Dave is an awesome, gifted surgeon who really took good care of Bree. Dr. Amber, Katie & Michelle really stepped up the therapy and got Bree moving again. She had TPLO surgery on both knees! People are amazed when we tell them Bree has 2 knee replacements.

Bree’s Family

Bree continues to improve and goes once a week for a maintenance program of underwater treadmill. She absolutely loves it there and looks forward to it every week. After losing her brother Ike in March 2019 we feel this therapy is not only great physically for her but almost equally important now mentally. She loves seeing everyone and we were told she does a victory lap when she is done, not sure what that consists of but we picture it as Bree being the social girl that she loves to be. We also believe in the healing properties of water to not only bring balance to her physically but also emotionally. With the pandemic restrictions for most of her therapy, it has been challenging but the whole staff has been great and we trust them with our bionic girl. 

Bree’s Family

Bree is a long-time patient after having surgery on both of her knees.  She is always happy when she comes to see Katie and Michelle and enjoys her underwater treadmill sessions.  Routine rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery can have a profound positive effect on strength, endurance, and muscle mass in these patients.  We love Bree and look forward to keeping her comfortably mobile for years to come.

Dr. Amber Ihrke, IPC Veterinarian

I start my week every Monday with Bree and I would not have it any other way! She is such a sweetheart of a dog and is always eager to do whatever we ask of her, especially when treats are involved! She has recovered well from both of her surgeries and continues to improve as I challenge her throughout her maintenance plan. She is a pure joy to work with!

Katie, IPC Therapist

Bree is a wonderful patient! She is silly and goofy and loves saying hi to every person that walks by her! It’s an absolute pleasure working with her, so much so that Katie and I sometimes fight over who gets to work with her each week. Bree is just so happy all the time and brightens my day every time I see her! I am grateful that I have been able to help keep her comfortable and mobile after surgeries on both of her knees, and now she feels so good that she makes all the hard work she does look easy!

Michelle, IPC Therapist

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Bree’s family has selected Recycled Rotts.

Learn more about Recycled Rotts on their website: