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May 2021 – Loretta

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Loretta came from a shelter in Texas. SAFE Now Animal Rescue saved Loretta from that shelter in February 2020. On the way up to Illinois, they stopped in Oklahoma where Loretta had 8 puppies in the hotel bathroom (she originally had 11, but 3 didn’t make it). Once the puppies were adopted, Loretta was spayed, and then the rescue noticed that she was limping on her left rear leg. Sure enough, she tore the cranial cruciate ligament. With the foster owner being close friends with Dr. Dave and Amber Ihrke, Loretta was brought to Colonial Manor Animal Hospital on May 20, 2020, for a TPLO on her L stifle.

I met her on May 21, 2020 when she was staying in the clinic after her surgery. She was being fostered at the time, and because I fell in love with her the first second I saw her, I knew I wanted to try to adopt her. I had been looking to adopt a dog for almost a year at that point, but never found a dog that would be a good fit for the household, until Loretta. Working for IPC, I knew I was a good owner for her because I knew exactly how to care for her post-op as well as later in her life if her mobility was affected from arthritis, and I knew she would be a good fit for my family because of how sweet she is. Dr. Dave at CMAH talked to the foster owner and the rescue owner about a me being interested in adopting her when they came to pick her up on May 22, 2020. I then adopted Loretta on May 27, 2020.

Since being adopted and completing her treatment plan, Loretta is back to completely normal mobility, loves to runIMG_2441 around the yard, watch all the squirrels, clean up any and all food-related messes on the floor, and her favorite thing to do is cuddle as close to you as possible getting as much love as she can! With the resources at IPC and the ability to bring her and work on her every day, Loretta was able to recover quickly and smoothly, and now she loves coming to work with me and saying hi to all of her friends to get as much attention as possible from everyone.

Loretta is a wonderful patient! She never complains about anything, she recovered perfectly from her TPLO, and she loves to see us! She is the friendliest, happiest dog. It is always a joy to see her walking around the clinic and to see how well she is doing with her mobility and health. We love having her around!

Dr. Dave, Colonial Manor Animal Hospital

Loretta came to us from SafeNow rescue after cranial cruciate repair. She immediately won the hearts of the entire IPC team, especially Michelle, who was her primary therapist. Michelle worked with Loretta nearly every session and she had profound improvement in her weight-bearing and mobility after surgery.  In the end, Michelle decided to adopt Loretta and give her a forever home…a very happy ending.

Dr. Amber Ihrke, Loretta’s IPC veterinarian

What can I say about Loretta? I love her!!!! She is always so excited to be here and work with us. After recovering from her TPLO surgery, she has been a great demo dog for teaching new technicians and interns about rehab or to practicing restraint techniques. She is very happy to do anything for food and attention and is especially good at cleaning up all the crumbs of treats on the floor at the end of the day. She is like a celebrity when she walks into the building! We all look forward to seeing her!

Katie, Loretta’s IPC Therapist

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Loretta’s family has selected SAFE Now Animal Rescue, who rescued Loretta!

We’re an Animal Rescue & Foster group that is dedicated to Saving Animals From Euthanasia Now. We are an all volunteer animal rescue and adoption organization based in Manhattan, Il. We are dedicated to providing humane care and shelter for abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals. We get dogs with no options and help them find their own family. Some of the dogs come from shelters, others are from owners who have found themselves unable to care for a loved pet. Unfortunately, there are so many animals that need help that we have almost always been operating at capacity. Our hope is to grow and save more dogs. Finding the animals suitable new homes and increasing public awareness of the responsibilities of pet ownership are our main goals.


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April 2021 – Bree

1 month ago · · Comments Off on April 2021 – Bree · Homer Glen, Homer Glen's Patient of the Month, Patient of the Month, Rehabilitation


Before us, Bree was purchased from Happiness is Pets and relinquished at 4 months old. She then went to a family (when we originally tried to adopt her) and was later relinquished back to the original rescue she came from (Recycled Rotts). We were told she spent almost a month in a kennel at the vet clinic before being able to be placed in foster care. She had lost some weight and seemed to be shutting down a bit & as far as manners & training there was very little direction. Although she was a handful her energy helped get our other rottweiler, Ike, moving more and in the long run, they became great together.

Bree’s Family

Bree & Ike <3

 In February 2020 Bree began to limp very badly. We had gone through 3 veterinarians in 3 years and didn’t really know where to take her. Then we remembered in August 2017 both Bree & Ike participated in a Rottweiler study conducted by Dr. Amber Ihrke & Katie and knew that Dr. Amber was specialized in canine rehabilitation. We called and set up an appointment immediately.

In February 2020 we were told Bree needed surgery to repair her ACL in her left rear knee. Dr. Dave Ihrke did her surgery and she started therapy shortly afterward. In early June 2020, Bree tore the right ACL and went back in for surgery with Dr. Dave. We feel the therapy she was doing prior to the second tear really helped with her recovery time. Dr. Dave is an awesome, gifted surgeon who really took good care of Bree. Dr. Amber, Katie & Michelle really stepped up the therapy and got Bree moving again. She had TPLO surgery on both knees! People are amazed when we tell them Bree has 2 knee replacements.

Bree’s Family

Bree continues to improve and goes once a week for a maintenance program of underwater treadmill. She absolutely loves it there and looks forward to it every week. After losing her brother Ike in March 2019 we feel this therapy is not only great physically for her but almost equally important now mentally. She loves seeing everyone and we were told she does a victory lap when she is done, not sure what that consists of but we picture it as Bree being the social girl that she loves to be. We also believe in the healing properties of water to not only bring balance to her physically but also emotionally. With the pandemic restrictions for most of her therapy, it has been challenging but the whole staff has been great and we trust them with our bionic girl. 

Bree’s Family

Bree is a long-time patient after having surgery on both of her knees.  She is always happy when she comes to see Katie and Michelle and enjoys her underwater treadmill sessions.  Routine rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery can have a profound positive effect on strength, endurance, and muscle mass in these patients.  We love Bree and look forward to keeping her comfortably mobile for years to come.

Dr. Amber Ihrke, IPC Veterinarian

I start my week every Monday with Bree and I would not have it any other way! She is such a sweetheart of a dog and is always eager to do whatever we ask of her, especially when treats are involved! She has recovered well from both of her surgeries and continues to improve as I challenge her throughout her maintenance plan. She is a pure joy to work with!

Katie, IPC Therapist

Bree is a wonderful patient! She is silly and goofy and loves saying hi to every person that walks by her! It’s an absolute pleasure working with her, so much so that Katie and I sometimes fight over who gets to work with her each week. Bree is just so happy all the time and brightens my day every time I see her! I am grateful that I have been able to help keep her comfortable and mobile after surgeries on both of her knees, and now she feels so good that she makes all the hard work she does look easy!

Michelle, IPC Therapist

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Bree’s family has selected Recycled Rotts.

Learn more about Recycled Rotts on their website:

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March 2021- Blu Bear

2 months ago · · Comments Off on March 2021- Blu Bear · Homer Glen, Homer Glen's Patient of the Month, Patient of the Month

Blu Bear

When Blu Bear was about 6 weeks old, he was found very hurt, and Linda Estrada, the director of the Chicago Ridge Animal Welfare League, made a special effort to save him. He did lose a leg but fought very hard and survived.

We saw Blu hours after his leg was amputated and said that if he survived we would take him – we had to have him he was so adorable and it was so unfair for such a little puppy to go through what he did

When Blu Bear was very little his eyes were blue and he looked like a little bear – thus the name Blu Bear. He is a Newfoundland/Golden mix and a very handsome boy. 

When he was about 2 an amazing thing happened. Thanks to our wonderful connection to the Animal Welfare League, we were invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show with Blu Bear. Oprah was having a special episode called “Amazing Animals,” honoring shelter rescues, as she had just rescued her pet. What an awesome experience! On stage he met Oprah and Glen Close.

Blu Bear loves spending his time watching the squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and other wildlife, and hanging with the neighbor canine friends. 

Blu Bear’s Family

He also loves walking in the forest preserves and around our neighborhood, though, if it were up to him, we would have snow and cold weather all the time.

He seems to believe all humans large or small are here to pet and hug him. I take him with me to my and my friend’s place – Windy City Arabians Training and Learning Center stable. There is always an abundance of children and adults to pet and play with him in between their horse riding lessons. Since Blu Bear is so laid back, he gets to be around the horses and watch all the action. He love going places in the car and even have his very own special ramp. Parties are truly a favorite – lots of people to pay attention to him. Blu Bear couldn’t possibly be spoiled – He’s just too irresistible!!

Blu Bear’s Family

Blu Bear’s family brought him to IPC Homer Glen about a year ago, at the age of 12, due to a decline in his mobility and hind limb strength. Dr. Amber Ihrke prescribed underwater treadmill, massage, laser therapy, and acupuncture to help Blu Bear to feel and move more comfortably.

Blu’s one back leg and back were giving out and I was so afraid that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. I spoke with my vet office –  Orland Small Animal Hospital and they gave me (IPC’s) brochure and recommendation.

Blu Bear’s Family

Blu Bear came to us a year ago with the goal of moving better and improving his quality of life.  He had his left rear limb amputated at 6 weeks of age and now at 12 years old, he was starting to slow down.  With the help with rehabilitation and adding a cart to use as a “walker”, Blu Bear is moving better than ever.

Dr. Amber Ihrke, IPC Veterinarian

Blu Bear is a wonderful dog, and it is such a joy to work with him! He came to us starting to have struggles with his one rear leg (having lost the other when he was a puppy). Through laser and massage sessions, and especially having him walk in the water, he continues to maintain his independent mobility well into his senior years. One of the best ways we were able to help him was by fitting him for a cart, and I love hearing the stories of all the walking and hiking he can do with the cart supporting him. It’s amazing to work with a dog that has so much spirit in him because he isn’t letting a missing leg stop him from doing what makes him happy! 

Michelle, IPC Therapist

Blu has been going to (IPC) for almost a year. I truly don’t think he’d still be with us if it wasn’t for Integrative Pet Care. The therapy sessions helped him build strength and be able to maneuver better. He just turned 13 which is a miracle for a dog with his issues. (IPC) fitted him for a wheelchair that he absolutely loves and also taught him to love the water treadmill and give him massages, acupuncture, and occasional chiropractic adjustments – and it all has helped him so so much but especially the water treadmill.

Blu Bear’s Family

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Blu Bear’s family has selected Animal Welfare League, because they saved Blu Bear’s life.

Learn more about the Animal Welfare League on their website: 

Animal Welfare League

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February 2021- Cosmo

3 months ago · · Comments Off on February 2021- Cosmo · Homer Glen, Homer Glen's Patient of the Month, Patient of the Month, Uncategorized


Cosmo’s family adopted him to be a playmate for their son Jack, 6 years old at the time. Getting Cosmo was good for Jack- Cosmo would go into the trampoline with him.  Jack would jump near Cosmo and make him plop up and down—giggling the entire time.  Other times, Cosmo would grab a toy and chase Jack around the trampoline. Cosmo also loved to play in the yard with branches and would share with his older canine sister, Hailey as well.

…Cosmo and Hailey always had a new stick they were chewing on.   I even got a picture of them sharing a stick.  Cosmo also liked to play tug-o-war with tree branches that hung over our back fence—it was pretty entertaining to watch. Hailey had a harder and harder time walking and after being with Cosmo for three and a half years, we put her to sleep.  Cosmo took it very hard and laid in all of Hailey’s “spots” looking sad and waiting for her to return.  Watching him grieve only added to our family’s sadness.  So,  two months after Hailey died, we decided to get another dog.  We got Cosmo’s new puppy friend, Cookie (Jack named her) from a rescue group based in Tennessee.Cookie and Cosmo are now partners in crime and let each other know when the UPS man is in the neighborhood.  It was during one of their backyard adventures—barking at dogs and people walking past our house—that Cosmo tore his  ACL.  We took him in to be evaluated and found out that Cosmo was 135lbs.  The doctor said he would not do the surgery until Cosmo got down to 90lbs., so the doctor recommended hydro-treadmill therapy . . . . we started going 1-2 times a week to another facility and meanwhile, Cosmo tore his other ACL . . . .   After traveling 29 miles each way for a few months, we finally looked for another place for Cosmo to get help and we were referred to Integrative Pet Care . . .

-Cosmo’s Family

Cosmo came to IPC-Homer Glen with bilateral CCL disease and obesity. Dr. Ihrke evaluated Cosmo and prescribed Hydrotherapy, Massage, Therapeutic Exercise, and Laser. 

Cosmo is the happiest golden retriever you would ever want to meet.  He came to IPC after a cruciate repair surgery on his right rear leg.  He needed to improve his weight-bearing, mobility, and lose some weight.  Cosmo has currently lost 17+ pounds and has minimal lameness on his surgical leg.  He always comes to therapy excited, ready to work, and loves walking on the land treadmill.  Cosmo is a great example of how weight optimization is an important component of any surgical recovery.  Way to go Cosmo!

Dr. Amber Ihrke, IPC Veterinarian

Cosmo loves coming to IPC and gets excited when we put his harness on because he KNOWS where he is going.  He enjoys the ride to IPC and likes to socialize when he gets there.  He likes other dogs, but he REALLY  LIKES PEOPLE the best.  He wants to be a snuggle buddy to everyone and doesn’t understand “personal space” whatsoever.  He thinks everyone loves a huge dog covering them in dog hair. 

Since coming to IPC Cosmo is now down to 105 lbs.  He is also peppier – he wants to go for walks and usually wants to go farther than I planned on walking.  Considering he has two torn ACLs, he really gets around well now and looks good walking.

-Cosmo’s Family

Cosmo is absolutely one of the best dogs! Its been amazing to see his transformation as he has lost weight and became more comfortable with both of his stifles. He is always so happy when he’s here and wants nothing but cuddles the whole time. After hitting a weight plateau just walking in the water and laser/exercises, we tried him on our land treadmill. Cosmo is a rockstar on it! Not only has he been able to go faster for longer periods of time than in the water, but it has jump started his weight loss again. He is almost less than 100 pounds now, which is huge since he started with us at 120 pounds. We love hearing how energetic he has become at home with the progress he has made here with us. I love all of my patients, but there is a very special place in my heart for Cosmo. It’s appropriate that our biggest love bug is the Patient of the Month for February!  

Michelle, IPC Therapist

I love Cosmo! He is a joy to work with for his exercises and weight loss! His owner has been doing a great job getting him to lose weight, and it has been amazing to see his transformation. It is always an exciting appointment with Cosmo because he is always so happy to be here and see us. I love being able to help him become more energetic by helping him lose more weight and become more comfortable with both of his stifles. I always look forward to his sessions!

-Katie, IPC Therapist


Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Cosmo’s family has selected Mercer Animal Rescue, where Cosmo’s best bud, Cookie, was adopted.

Mercer Animal Rescue purpose is to rescue, socialize, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted dogs, cats and horses.

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January 2021- Tucker

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Tucker joined his family in October 2005 when his mom, Stacy, was working at Midwest Animal Hospital.  Tucker and his siblings were brought into the hospital together and soon put up for adoption.

Tucker was about 8 weeks old when he was adopted. When he was around 3 years old, his parents opened their store in New Lenox, Tucker’s Doggie Delights. Tucker has gone to work there every day since. He has always loved being the greeter and making so many new friends.  

 When Tucker started to slow down and struggle with his mobility, he came to IPC for a rehabilitation consultation. Dr. Ihrke determined that Tucker has multi-joint osteoarthritis and prescribed hydrotherapy, massage, and therapeutic laser. 

For the past couple years Tucker has been having a harder time getting up and moving around. We had been doing supplements but it got to a point earlier this year that we were always having to help him get up. We were told by a couple friends about water therapy and heard good things about Integrative Pet Care. Tucker did well his first visit so we decided that this was a good fit for him and us.

Integrative Pet Care has been a lifesaver. Tucker has lost weight, he is walking better and sometimes even gets a little trot when he is excited. He has even been able to get up on his own at times. He has been through a lot this year but he still seems happy 😊

Tucker turned 15 in September and he still loves his walks and seeing all his friends at our store.  

-Tucker’s family

Tucker is one of our most senior patients and he is a joy.  The goals for Tucker were to improve his mobility and address any discomfort.  Over the course of his treatment plan, Tucker lost some of his extra weight, improved his mobility, and improved his endurance…all with a great attitude.  Tucker is a great example of a thriving senior patient.

Dr. Amber Ihrke, Eve’s IPC Veterinarian

It has been an absolute blessing to be able to work with Tucker. He may never be very excited to see us, but he always does his work without complaining or resisting, and it is that drive to keep going, even if he doesn’t enjoy it, that has allowed him to stay as mobile as he is. And for being one of our oldest patients currently, it is amazing to see. Tucker is a prime example that age is just a number and that a little intervention can go a long way!

Michelle, Eve’s IPC Therapist

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Tucker’s family has chosen As Good as Gold Rescue.

As Good as Gold – Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois is dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of Golden Retrievers and golden mixes who are in need.  In addition, As Good as Gold educates Golden Retriever guardians and the general public about the importance of spaying/neutering, positive training methods, diet and exercise, appropriate medical treatment and humane care.

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December 2020 – Eve

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Eve was adopted as an adult from her breeder (Linincorgis) in Wisconsin. She was a singleton puppy hand-raised by her breeder and then did not develop the coat required for confirmation and breeding, so she was placed with her family when they inquired looking for a puppy, and they were happy to have her join our family as an adult!

Eve grew up bottle fed and then moved in to her forever home at 16 months of age. She did agility for a number of years until she developed a hip flexor/quad injury, after which she retired but did some nose work.  Over time she developed arthritis and now has degenerative myelopathy (DM), which is similar to ALS in humans. 


We first came to Integrative Pet Care to address problems Eve was having with her previous muscle injuries and arthritis. During her time in rehab from that, we began to notice subtle signs of DM where Eve would shuffle her feet. As the DM progressed, Eve began losing the ability to use her back legs.  Eve’s rehab has now shifted to addressing that.  

Integrative Pet Care has been instrumental in helping Eve initially come back from injury and now in helping her stay active and mobile while batting DM. Integrative Pet Care developed a home exercise program for Eve and assisted in obtaining her a wheelchair cart and fitting her for that. IPC also helped with prescribing Eve an Assisi loop and with fitting a Help Em Up Harness. 

Eve uses the underwater treadmill at Integrative Pet Care weekly to help her maintain strength and mobility. Underwater treadmill is highly recommended for dogs with DM and we are grateful to have the ability for Eve to use one with such great people helping her.         

Eve loves going to her appointments where she is pretty sure that she tricks everyone into giving her peanut butter and treats. We highly recommend Integrative Pet Care to anyone looking for rehab services! Eve can be found on Facebook here:

-Eve’s family

Eve is one of my favorite Corgis in all the world!  She first came to us with arthritis in her hips and responded well to her treatment.  As the years passed she developed a degenerative spinal cord disease and is now in a cart.  She continues to be so full of life even with all her challenges.  We love it when Eve comes to Integrative Pet Care!

Dr. Amber Ihrke, Eve’s IPC Veterinarian

Eve makes my day every time she rolls through the door! She has the best attitude and just loves everyone. She has not let her D.M slow her down in the slightest. There is nothing Eve will not do for some beef liver or peanut butter. I genuinely enjoy my sessions with her!

Katie, Eve’s IPC Therapist

We absolutely love working with Eve! She is by far one of the best corgis out there! Recently, degenerative myelopathy has been affecting her back legs more, but it hasn’t affected her spirit. She loves riding in her wagon and stopping everyone that passes by to say hi to them! Eve can’t get enough attention or treats it seems like, but that’s okay, we’re always happy to spoil her as we work with her to keep her as mobile as possible for as long as possible. She does great walking in the water, and I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of her rehab team! It’s always an exciting time of the week when Eve comes to see us!

Michelle, Eve’s IPC Therapist

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Eve’s family has chosen Corgi Aid  This is a NFP program that provides carts to rescue corgis or other corgis in need, along with assistance with foster care and medical bills for rescue corgis in need.  Eve’s cart will be donated to them when she no longer can use it. 

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September 2020- Bazl

8 months ago · · Comments Off on September 2020- Bazl · Homer Glen, Homer Glen's Patient of the Month, Patient of the Month

Bazl’s has been a rehab patient at IPC- Homer Glen since 2019. This special boy is treated primarily for bilateral elbow dysplasia, hindlimb weakness and suspected T3-L3 myelopathy. Bazl’s therapy plan includes acupuncture, hydrotherapy, massage, therapeutic exercise and laser. 

When Bazl was a puppy he was very rambunctious. He would jump into the air over and over, whenever he was excited. He wanted to play all of the time. He was so hard to keep busy that we decided to get him a brother by the time he was two years old. Bazl and Gus were best friends and would play a game in the yard where they would run across the whole yard straight at each other face to face and when they met, they would chase each other around the yard. Five years later, Max joined the other two. The three have been great friends and brothers ever since.  Bazl has always been a den dog! He loves to spend his days “hiding” in his “cozy cave” bed. When he was younger, he would jump on a newly made bed, take all the covers down and hide inside of them. Bazl also loved to swim. But of course he did, he’s a Lab! Bazl loves to snuggle and be petted. If you stop petting him, he will nudge you until you start again! Bazl’s favorite snack is peppers. 

A couple of years ago, Bazl really slowed down and was having trouble walking. We had tried medications and laser and he was still having trouble. His vet suggested physical therapy. So, I did the research and IPC came out on top.

IPC has improved and stabilized Bazl’s degenerative condition. They approached his issues on a “whole dog” basis rather than just looking at parts of him. Everyone at IPC has been extremely helpful and friendly!

Vicki and George, Bazl’s parents

Bazl has been our patient for one year and he is a favorite.  He came to us with a variety of neurologic and orthopedic issues and over the course of the year, we have been able to keep him independently mobile with a combination of acupuncture, therapeutic laser, underwater treadmill, and massage.  At 14 years old, he is a great example that no matter what age, patients benefit from rehabilitation and physical medicine.

Dr. Amber Ihrke, Bazl’s IPC Veterinarian

Bazl is such an amazingly sweet dog! It is such a joy to see and work with him! Even when he is acting stubborn or having a rough day walking from his elbow dysplasia and rear limb weakness, his tail is always wagging, and he is happy to see his friends. We love working with Bazl and helping to keep him comfortable and maintain his independent mobility for as long as we can. He is definitely a special dog that deserves this time in the spotlight!

Michelle, Bazl’s Rehab Therapist

We ask our reigning POTM each month to select an organization to highlight that is meaningful to them. Bazl’s parents asked us to share Semper K-9 with you- an organization dedicated to providing service canines to veterans. For more information about this organization- please visit their website:

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August 2020 – Mylo

9 months ago · · Comments Off on August 2020 – Mylo · Homer Glen, Homer Glen's Patient of the Month, Patient of the Month

Mylo fractured his left elbow and went through a critical surgery when he was 15 weeks old. Doctors put his leg into a sleeve which developed mobility issues in his left arm. We took him to Integrative Pet Care to help him regain his left arm mobility and movement through physiotherapy. Mylo’s hospital was VCA Aurora Animal Hospital, and Mylo’s doctor Dr. Steven Abel recommended us to go to Integrative Pet Care. Dr. Steven Abel is an excellent surgeon, and he worked with Dr. Amber during Mylo’s treatment.

We will forever be thankful to Dr. Amber, Katie, and everyone at Integrative Pet Care who contributed to Mylo’s recovery. Dr. Amber created a well-rounded and customized recovery plan for Mylo that greatly helped him to regain his left arm strength and movement. Katie worked hard and relentlessly, and we do not have enough words to thank her for her excellent work. Integrative Pet Care staff is very compassionate, accommodating, and caring and they took very good care of Mylo.

Today, when we see Mylo happily running and jumping around in our yard and go for long family walks, we feel glad that we found Integrative Pet Care. I highly recommend Integrative Pet Care to anyone who is dealing with a horrible trauma of pet accidents. We trust Integrative Pet Care and its staff for what they do the best. 


Mylo is the cutest miniature poodle you would ever want to meet!  He had some bad luck and broke his elbow, but with the dedication of his family and the hard work of Katie, he is now walking on his left front leg like a boss! – We are so proud of you Mylo.

Dr. Amber

Where do I start with Mylo? He is the cutest little guy with a very big attitude! Mylo did not trust anyone at the start of his program but by the end we were the best of friends. Mylo was such a joy to work with and I am so proud of all his hard work.

Katie, Mylo’s rehab therapist

We always ask our POTM if there is a special organization they’d like to promote. Mylo would like you to know about Best Friends Animal Society. You can learn more about them on their website:

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March 2020 Dottie & Lacey

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Dottie and Lacey

Lacey was a rescue, found at less than a year old by a Chicago Police Officer and brought to Bow Wow Rescue. She spent a few months with a foster family before her new family found her through

Dottie is also a rescue. She was found in Oak Park as a stray and brought to Animal Care League. She was in the shelter for approximately 3 months and so stressed she had almost lost her bark by the time her family adopted her. But her bark came back strong after a week in her new home!

Both pups came to IPC to rehab a CCL injury and went through a treatment program that including hydrotherapy, therapeutic laser treatments, and Therapeutic Exercise.

(IPC) came highly recommended. I also appreciate the approach to heal them naturally. We all found everyone so helpful and friendly!
Lacey rebounded after her surgery quickly and continues to improve using her back leg all of the time. Dottie has come along nicely without resorting to surgery and is using her back leg most of the time.
Dottie and Lacey love coming to therapy. When I get to 159th and Parker in the left turn lane to U turn they lose it. Barking and whining they cannot wait to see their friends!

Patricia, Dottie & Lacey’s mom

Lacey is a sweetheart of a dog who, unfortunately, tore her cranial cruciate ligament. She had a successful TPLO surgery and came to see us for post-operative rehabilitation. Lacey had a treatment plan that consisted of therapeutic laser, hydrotherapy, and therapeutic exercises. She did fantastic with her recovery and we are really proud of her progress.  Way to go Lacey!

Dr. Amber Ihrke

Lacey and Dottie live in a 3 Jack Russell household with the third one called Belle. Mom brought all 3 of them in to IPC every time a visit was scheduled. It was always enjoyable to start the day with these 3 ladies as although they were all the same breed, they all had completely different personalities. Lacey was shy, nervous, and very much a “momma’s girl.” Dottie was the most energetic and enthusiastic of the 3. Belle was the only one of the 3 who didn’t come to us for rehabilitation, so we didn’t get to know her as well, but she was always friendly and up for getting pet or being given a treat.
I had the pleasure of working almost exclusively with Lacey who I became quite attached to and was always excited to work with. Although she never really seemed completely thrilled to be at IPC, our beef liver treats helped her come out of her shell and motivated her to work hard and achieve great heights while here.
She started rehabilitation after a left rear TPLO and received laser therapy, underwater treadmill, and therapeutic exercises. What was great about Lacey was that she was able to do more challenging things every time she came in for a visit. I was continuously noticing improvements and I was receiving positive reports about her progress at home. After her second TPPE, she graduated to a home exercise program after significant improvements in comfort, weight bearing, and muscle mass were noted. I miss working with her regularly, but I am very proud of her and hope she continues to improve and make strides at home. Way to go, Lacey!!

Tiffany, Animal Rehab Therapist

Dottie is a super sweet dog that happens to also be a ball full of energy. It was so funny to see how excited she was to see us compared to her sister, Lacey, when they would come in for their appointments. Dottie did not undergo surgery to repair a torn cruciate, but improved tremendously with rehab. It was always take a little while for her to calm down enough to sit still for her laser and massage session, but even when she was calmer, she was still rolling over on her back for belly rubs every time you called her a “good girl”. I’m proud of the improvements that she made and I know with the exercises the owner is doing at home, she will continue to do well. It was so much fun working with the terrier sisters!

Michelle, Animal Rehab Therapist

Make A Difference

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an animal-related organization to spotlight during his or her “reign”. Lacey and Dottie’s family has asked us to tell you about

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February 2020- Haylie

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It’s with a heavy heart we let you know that our Patient Of The Month Haylie has recently passed, but it is our pleasure and honor to dedicate the month of February to her.

Haylie had a rough start in life, but all that changed when she was adopted into a home who showered her with love and attention.  Despite her history, she adored people, loved to play tug and was a loving companion and perfect pal to her two doggie siblings.  In May of 2017 she began randomly limping and was diagnosed with a soft tissue injury, but her lameness seemed to disappear with pain medications.   Unfortunately, in November 2018, she became non-weight bearing and painful even with the addition of 3 more pain medications.

Her vet suspected the worst, highly aggressive bone cancer which gave her a poor prognosis.  Ultimately an amputation was recommended as well as chemotherapy.  The cancer spread to her lungs in November 2019, but that didn’t slow down her zest for life.

Haylie’s parents brought their previous dog to Integrative Pet Care of  Homer Glen, so it was a no-brainer to return.  In January 2019 they met with Dr. Amber Ihrke shortly after her amputation. A rehabilitation program was prescribed which included acupuncture, massage, exercise and manual therapy.  These therapies were specifically recommended for pain management and strengthening.   IPC worked closely with her parents, oncologist and primary care veterinarian to give her the best quality of life.

Haylie enjoyed her time at IPC and her therapists loved working with her.   “Every time she came to us, she had a big goofy grin on her face that was contagious and heartwarming”- Tiffany

Once she started therapy, her swelling disappeared and she became more mobile and comfortable.  She regained her strength and was back to enjoying past activities like running at the lake, climbing bluffs, and taking treks into town.

“Despite being diagnosed with cancer which required an amputation, she always greeted us with a smile and wagging tail.  Haylie was an incredibly sweet dog who just loved to get attention.  It’s patients like Haylie who remind us to never let the little things get to us, never take life for granted, and live each day to the fullest. Having survived for over a year since her initial diagnosis, she is an inspiration to us.  Haylie will always have a special place in our hearts.” -Michelle

Make A Difference

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an animal related organization to spotlight during his or her “reign”. Haylie’s family has asked us to tell you about Illiana Rescue.

  • We are a small, 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization of volunteers.
  • We save dogs and cats from euthanasia, abuse and neglect.
  • We work closely with local shelter management, veterinarians and community members, serving Northwest Indiana-Lake County.
  • We mainly focus on animals in dire need, such as death row dogs and cats at high-kill shelter facilities, animal impounds or veterinary hospitals.
  • We provide proper care, medical treatment, therapy and social rehabilitation for the animals in foster homes.
  • We give animals a second chance at long, happy, healthy lives in loving adoptive homes.

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