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Patient of the Month February 2021 Homer Glen


Cosmo’s family adopted him to be a playmate for their son Jack, 6 years old at the time. Getting Cosmo was good for Jack- Cosmo would go into the trampoline with him.  Jack would jump near Cosmo and make him plop up and down—giggling the entire time.  Other times, Cosmo would grab a toy and chase Jack around the trampoline. Cosmo also loved to play in the yard with branches and would share with his older canine sister, Hailey as well.

…Cosmo and Hailey always had a new stick they were chewing on.   I even got a picture of them sharing a stick.  Cosmo also liked to play tug-o-war with tree branches that hung over our back fence—it was pretty entertaining to watch. Hailey had a harder and harder time walking and after being with Cosmo for three and a half years, we put her to sleep.  Cosmo took it very hard and laid in all of Hailey’s “spots” looking sad and waiting for her to return.  Watching him grieve only added to our family’s sadness.  So,  two months after Hailey died, we decided to get another dog.  We got Cosmo’s new puppy friend, Cookie (Jack named her) from a rescue group based in Tennessee.Cookie and Cosmo are now partners in crime and let each other know when the UPS man is in the neighborhood.  It was during one of their backyard adventures—barking at dogs and people walking past our house—that Cosmo tore his  ACL.  We took him in to be evaluated and found out that Cosmo was 135lbs.  The doctor said he would not do the surgery until Cosmo got down to 90lbs., so the doctor recommended hydro-treadmill therapy . . . . we started going 1-2 times a week to another facility and meanwhile, Cosmo tore his other ACL . . . .   After traveling 29 miles each way for a few months, we finally looked for another place for Cosmo to get help and we were referred to Integrative Pet Care . . .

-Cosmo’s Family

Cosmo came to IPC-Homer Glen with bilateral CCL disease and obesity. Dr. Ihrke evaluated Cosmo and prescribed Hydrotherapy, Massage, Therapeutic Exercise, and Laser. 

Cosmo is the happiest golden retriever you would ever want to meet.  He came to IPC after a cruciate repair surgery on his right rear leg.  He needed to improve his weight-bearing, mobility, and lose some weight.  Cosmo has currently lost 17+ pounds and has minimal lameness on his surgical leg.  He always comes to therapy excited, ready to work, and loves walking on the land treadmill.  Cosmo is a great example of how weight optimization is an important component of any surgical recovery.  Way to go Cosmo!

Dr. Amber Ihrke, IPC Veterinarian

Cosmo loves coming to IPC and gets excited when we put his harness on because he KNOWS where he is going.  He enjoys the ride to IPC and likes to socialize when he gets there.  He likes other dogs, but he REALLY  LIKES PEOPLE the best.  He wants to be a snuggle buddy to everyone and doesn’t understand “personal space” whatsoever.  He thinks everyone loves a huge dog covering them in dog hair. 

Since coming to IPC Cosmo is now down to 105 lbs.  He is also peppier – he wants to go for walks and usually wants to go farther than I planned on walking.  Considering he has two torn ACLs, he really gets around well now and looks good walking.

-Cosmo’s Family

Cosmo is absolutely one of the best dogs! Its been amazing to see his transformation as he has lost weight and became more comfortable with both of his stifles. He is always so happy when he’s here and wants nothing but cuddles the whole time. After hitting a weight plateau just walking in the water and laser/exercises, we tried him on our land treadmill. Cosmo is a rockstar on it! Not only has he been able to go faster for longer periods of time than in the water, but it has jump started his weight loss again. He is almost less than 100 pounds now, which is huge since he started with us at 120 pounds. We love hearing how energetic he has become at home with the progress he has made here with us. I love all of my patients, but there is a very special place in my heart for Cosmo. It’s appropriate that our biggest love bug is the Patient of the Month for February!  

Michelle, IPC Therapist

I love Cosmo! He is a joy to work with for his exercises and weight loss! His owner has been doing a great job getting him to lose weight, and it has been amazing to see his transformation. It is always an exciting appointment with Cosmo because he is always so happy to be here and see us. I love being able to help him become more energetic by helping him lose more weight and become more comfortable with both of his stifles. I always look forward to his sessions!

-Katie, IPC Therapist


Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization to share that is close to their heart. This month Cosmo’s family has selected Mercer Animal Rescue, where Cosmo’s best bud, Cookie, was adopted.

Mercer Animal Rescue purpose is to rescue, socialize, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted dogs, cats and horses.