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Veterinary Rehabilitation
& Sports Medicine

About Us

Our team of rehabilitation certified veterinarians, technicians, and assistants will help your pet recovery from surgery or injury, loss of mobility, weakness, or pain. If you have a canine athlete in the family, we will create a sport-specific conditioning plan that focuses on strength and performance, while reducing the risk of injury. We work closely with pet owners and their referring veterinarians to improve each pet’s quality of life.

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IPC - Chicago
2520 W Armitage Ave

VSMR - Homer Glen
13726 W 159th St


Runt, Pittie

I don't know how to thank IPC enough, there was a time when I was scared of Runt's future, she became sedentary after her TPLO and you could tell all she wanted to do was be a dog. Thanks to her amazing team at IPC it feels as though she's a puppy again! There is nothing greater than seeing her smile from ear to ear on the car ride home from a session. Emma, Rika, Renee, Dr.Ridley, and everyone we have ever spoken to have been the sweetest, most compassionate people we have ever met! Thank you for treating us like family!


Windy, Bernese Mountain Dog

Everyone has been very professional, knowledgeable, & compassionate, especially Renee. We appreciate her clear explanations & tender treatment of Windy.


Myra, Jack Russell Terrier

It was perfect as always. Myra is like a glowing beam of light post-treatment. she is beyond happy, very spunky, and clearly feels pain-free. Dr. Ridley, Dr. Martin, Katie, and Brooklyn are our dream team!


Cutie Pie, Dachshund

Dr. Kelli is excellent and has taken great care of Cutie Pie. She’s very responsive to our concerns and the well-being of Cutie Pie. Renee has provided superior service. She is friendly, knowledgeable, caring and her communication skills are superb. We have also worked with Rika. She’s friendly and loving towards Cutie Pie. She also communicates very well.


Hagrid & Mongo, Lab & German Shepherd

Everyone I’ve had contact with deserves to be recognized for their work ethic and people (and animal !) skills. Emma deserves extra kudos for going above and beyond in caring for my boys Mongo & Hagrid. Your staff is always super courteous and willing to explain the details of what’s going on regarding scheduling, billing and progress.


Otto, Pug

The entire IPC team is always fantastic. No complaints at all from us! Otto loves going to rehab and it's changed our lives! Emma - you are always smiling and happy and ready for the challenge! Dr. Martin - you are thorough and compassionate and so friendly!


Dublin, Lab Mix

It was one of the best appointments ever. During these times, the team is so friendly, understating and accommodating. Everyone wore their appropriate PPE and greeted us at the door. I received pictures and a followup email from Dublin's PT session within a few hours from both Dr. Martin and Rika. That was awesome! Thank God I chose IPC for Dublin's PT, this is amazing work that IPC does to help your furry family member have the best life ever!


Dobby, Dachshund Mix

I just want to say how grateful we are to have the old Dobby back. The care and attention he received was impeccable, and everything you taught me will stay with us for life!


Timmy, Pug

"When we first got Timmy he was dragging his back legs a little bit and couldn't walk very far. He did a couple rounds of rehab and by the end was enjoying long-ish walks without any leg dragging. We returned about a year ago when he started having trouble walking again, this time due neuro issues. The rehab at IPC has helped to slow down the impact and to manage his pain, and also gives him some fun every week. IPC has also been extremely helpful in giving me suggestions how to manage day to day issues with his changing mobility."



Fifty, Pit Bull Mix

"It's no secret that Fifty would not be as mobile if it weren't for the care he receives at Integrative Pet Care. As you know, he's a pretty high energy nutball who has no clue that he's running around on 2 legs. Whenever he's sore from having a busy weekend, I know that his therapy sessions will get him back on track to being the maniac that he is. Fifty is living proof that physical therapy is a necessity when it comes to pets with orthopedic conditions (or missing limbs!). I honestly don't know what we would do or what shape he'd be in without their care- WE LOVE IPC!"


Harold, French Bulldog Mix

"Harold is in love. He's in love with the women of Integrative Pet Care. He may have lost the use of his rear legs in February but he never lost his joy and love of life. Thanks to the compassionate care, incredible patience and amazing skills of the staff at IPC, he is slowly recovering from emergency back surgery that removed a ruptured disc. But he doesn't go to IPC for therapy; he goes to play... and to kiss the girls who give him peanut butter and massages. From the moment he arrives and gets into his wheels in front of IPC, he is happy and excited. He bursts into the lobby at IPC eager to greet his friends.
He's a terror toddling around in his wheels and clearly happy to be alive. Without IPC, he probably wouldn't be alive. Without IPC, I wouldn't have been able to save Harold. I wouldn't have known how to care for him. When I was most discouraged, IPC provided encouragement and moral support and gave me hope. IPC provided training so I could exercise and treat Harold at home using e-stim on six different muscles. Through IPC we acquired Harold's wheels that allow him to run wild in the park as well as around IPC. And through IPC we learned how to use orthotics; braces and flippers and carpal wraps that are helping Harold to learn how to walk again. Harold is in love with Integrative Pet Care and so am I."

- Pat

Oscar, Dachshund

"Oscar always shows up ready to do his exercises and loves to show off for Emma. We are so proud of the progress he’s made. He never gives up! With continued therapy, Oscar is now able to go on walks, albeit not the long walks that he used to love, but he still can keep up with his brother and sisters by riding along in his stroller.
"With the help of Dr. Ridley, Emma and the amazing team at Integrative Pet Care, Oscar is now pain free and able to enjoy all the things he loves to do. We are forever grateful for all the work, love and dedication the IPC team has shown Oscar. You gave us our Oscar back!"


Ben, Labrador

"Recently we received a letter from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine stating that you had made a donation in honor of our sweet boy, Ben. As I'm sure you know, Ben was a huge part of our lives and losing him was heartbreaking. While we were bringing him to Integrative Pet Care (Homer Glen) for rehabilitation, we noticed a huge difference in not only his ability to walk but his willingness and happiness. Although he was not able to finish his rehab, we still would like you to know how grateful we were for your dedication to our Benny. Both you and Valerie, left us feeling very good about the decisions we made towards the end of his life. Upon receiving this letter, both Michelle and myself felt so lucky that you thought of us and our boy. We are so thankful and grateful for your donation in honor of Benny, and we hope that it helps make a difference in another dogs life. "

- Drew C

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