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Veterinary Orthotic and Prosthetic Device Referral

OP CHI IPCVeterinary Orthotic and Prosthetic (V-OP) devices are a viable solution for patients with chronic conditions or injuries where surgery isn’t possible or where stabilization beyond the surgical procedure is necessary or beneficial. Integrative Pet Care (IPC) has partnered with OrthoPets (OP) to provide pets in the Chicagoland area with the latest advancements in orthotics and prosthetics for pets.

IPC and OP work hand in hand through each step of the process. Beginning with evaluation of the patient’s specific needs along with the client’s goals and abilities, an IPC veterinarian will determine an appropriate device prescription.

A fiberglass impression of the patient’s limb is then carefully made and sent to OP with precise measurements, photos, video and pertinent medical records.

BlueBraceIPC’s medical staff consults with the OP team on the creation of the device to ensure that the patient’s needs are met appropriately.

Once the device is fabricated and shipped to IPC, our team works one-on-one with the client to properly fit the device and acclimate the patient to use in both therapies and day-to-day activities.

Ongoing monitoring of the device including evaluation of patient progress and device adjustments as needed ensure best possible outcomes. We provide Fit and Function appointments for our OP device patients to make the process as smooth and successful as possible.


Available devices include:

  • Stifle Brace- non-surgical solution for CCL injury; pre-op solution for CCL injury; post-op solution for bilateral CCL injury; pivot shift instability
  • Tarsus Brace– solutions for hyperextension and/or increased angling before/after or in place of surgical repair.
  • Carpus Brace– non-surgical solution for hyperextension; post-op arthrodesis stabilization or failed arthrodesis; solution for collateral ligament injury, digit amputation or malformation; preventative support for osteosarcoma
  • Elbow Orthoses– non-surgical solution for instability; post-op arthrodesis stabilization
  • Prosthetics– elective level amputation; Amelia, congenital limb derangements

To get started please contact the nearest Integrative Pet Care facility to refer a case or you can contact OrthoPets directly at (303) 953-2545 or for more information about which patients may benefit from a V-OP device.