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Archives by Tag: luxating patella

March 2017 Paulina

9 months ago · · Comments Off on March 2017 Paulina · Hanover Park, Hanover Park's Patient of the Month, Rehabilitation ·, , , , , , , , ,


Paulina 4

Paulina was picked up, along with a sibling, as a stray from California.  Even though she and her sister were marked as a bonded pair, which means the shelter likes to have them rescued together, another rescue took her sister and left her behind.  The reason?  She could barely walk as her back legs could not bend.  Chicagoland Eskie Rescue brought her to Chicago where Dr. Aaron Jackson of MedVet Chicago, diagnosed and performed the surgery for bilateral grade 4/4 luxating patellas.  After 8 weeks of pen rest, MedVet Chicago recommended Integrative Pet Care for her rehabilitation.


“When we first began with IPC, Paulina would not usPaulina 2e her back left leg and did not have the leg strength to walk on hardwood floors.  IPC worked with Paulina for 10 weeks.  Her therapies included exercise, laser, underwater treadmill, and chiropractic sessions, as well as daily at-home sessions with her foster family.  Paulina now walks (and runs) with all four legs and her muscle mass has increased significantly, allowing her to handle hardwood flooring like a champ!” -Chicagoland Eskie Rescue

“The doctors and staff at Integrative are some of the best in the business.  They genuinely care for each animal, set realistic goals for the patients and support the owners throughout the entire process.”  

“Paulina’s positive attitude and high energy has made working with her very easy! She enjoys doing her therapeutic exercises, especially when she gets freeze dried liver!” -Anna Alberth, CVT, CCRA

“Paulina came to us after having bilateral lateral luxation stabilization surgery. At the time of her Initial Evaluation she was front loading and not bearing much weight on her rear legs. Her response to therapies has been tremendous and she is finally bearing 99% weight on her hind legs! Thanks to the dedication of the rescue Paulina is ready to find her furever home!” -Dr. Arlene Rodriguez, DVM, CCRT

“After a rigorous rehab program we are proud to say Paulina is now taking applications for her furever home!  Paulina’s temperament is pure love.  Her favorite things to do include belly rubs and walks, which she never was able to enjoy before her surgery.  She gets along with other dogs, but would also be a great dog for someone with limited dog experience.  For more information or to request an application, please email us at”

Make a difference!

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an animal related organization to spotlight during his or her “reign”. Paulina has asked us to tell you about Chicagoland Eskie Rescue.

Chicagoland Eskie logoRescue, specializing in American Eskimo Dog Rescue & Re-Homing was established in January of 2008. The rescue is a recognized 501(c)(3)Non-Profit Organization that is made up entirely of volunteers who are dedicated to provide shelter, care, vetting and an adoption program for abandoned and relinquished American Eskimo Dogs.


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February 2017 Bruse

10 months ago · · Comments Off on February 2017 Bruse · Homer Glen's Patient of the Month ·, , , , ,



“Bruse was originally adopted from a family member who found he was too busy for a puppy.  Unbeknownst to my husband and me, Olde English Bulldogs are a very high maintenance breed that are prone to many medical problems. Bruse showed some sensitivity periodically in his back and knees. After visiting 3 separate veterinarians, I was referred to Integrative Pet care of Homer Glen for rehabilitation.

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March 2016 Rocky

2 years ago · · Comments Off on March 2016 Rocky · Hanover Park, Hanover Park's Patient of the Month, Patient of the Month, Rehabilitation ·, , ,


Rocky Water Treadmill 2014“Rocky had a rough start being adopted twice and returned to the shelter both times and before he was 8 months old. When we adopted him at 9 months old from Kay’s Animal Shelter in Arlington Heights, he was clearly worried it was not going to be his forever home, again. Being a Chocolate Lab mix, Rocky was full of puppy energy and just wanted someone to love him so he could love them forever. He loves to ride in the car, go to the dog park (even though that is where he over did it and caused his second surgery), partying and playing with other dogs at Day Camp, romping in the snow and just cuddling up next to a human for some attention.

For five years Rocky attended Day Camp or Day Care (when he was having leg issues) and had every associate wrapped around his finger to take a break and come sit with him in between playing with his canine buddies. Now being six years old, Rocky has already had three surgeries on his rear legs. At just a year old Rocky had luxating patella surgery on his left hind leg, followed by a TPLO surgery on his right hind leg when he was four and then at five he had the TPLO on his left hind leg.

Before his second surgery the surgeon suggested we do some therapy with him to build up the muscles before Rocky Toysurgery and that is when we discovered IPC-Hanover Park. Dr. LoGiudice met with us and gave us a plan for Rocky to lose a few pounds and build up the muscle.

We clearly saw a difference in how he was walking and his energy after working with Dr. LoGiudice and Anna.

Post-surgery we went back and did his physical therapy with them as well. Somehow Rocky managed to injure himself on his left hind leg, needing another TPLO. This time Dr. Rodriguez, Katie and Anna at IPC-Hanover Park cared for him. However, surgery was a little tougher on him,

…but thanks to all the care and support from IPC-Hanover Park, Rocky is at about 95% and currently doing a maintenance plan with Laser, Therapeutic Exercise and Underwater Treadmill to continue strengthening the muscles.

When we pull up in the parking lot, Rocky gets so excited to go in and see Shannon at the front desk to check him in and then work with Katie, Anna or Dr. Rodriguez. Rocky’s favorite thing is to go for a “swim” and walk in the Underwater Treadmill.
Rocky is back to his old self of being able to jump into the car so he can go for a ride, walking around the Rocky worn out at Dog Parkneighborhood and playing with his toys. After all his surgeries and as he gets older, he does also love to be lazy and just go on his bed and take a nap. IPC-Hanover Park is awesome and has helped keep Rocky energetic, even though he was probably born with a couple of weak rear legs.

We love IPC-Hanover Park and all of the staff who take extra special care with their patients and keep them on a speedy road to recovery every step of the way. Thanks IPC-Hanover Park!!

-Todd & Christine Bermann

“I have been so fortunate to have worked with Rocky, who is the kind of dog that enjoys life and wants to please. You can just feel the bond between Rocky and “his people”. If anything, our challenge as his rehabilitation team has been to channel Rocky’s exuberance to help him rehabilitate each of his knees and he is doing great!”

– Dr. Rosemary LoGiudice DVM, DACVSMR, CCRT, CVA, CVSMT
Rocky Haloween Toy“Rocky is quite the trooper. Always happy to see IPC staff and his owners are great at keeping up with his exercises. Keep it up Rocky!”

– Katie Sulzmann CVMRT, ATC
“Rocky is a pleasure to work with! He always comes for therapy with his tail wagging and ready to work. Rocky learned early on that doing therapy means getting lots of treats! Rocky’s owners are extremely dedicated to his rehab from TPLO surgery and it shows. Through diet and exercise Rocky as lost 10 pounds during his course of rehab. Keep up the great work Chris, Todd and Rocky!”

– Anna Alberth CVT, CCRA


Make a Difference

Each month we ask our POTM to choose a NFP group to promote. This month Rocky wants to tell you about Kay’s Animal Shelter in Arlington Heights!

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Dec 2015 Rex

2 years ago · · Comments Off on Dec 2015 Rex · Hanover Park, Hanover Park's Patient of the Month, Rehabilitation ·, , , , , ,


Rex just turned 5 years old this month and he has had quite a journey so far. In December 2011, Rex POTM Dec Rex #1
needed knee surgery on his right knee. We immediately started post-surgery rehab at IPC in January 2012. Dr. LoGiudice and Anna worked with Rex to strengthen the muscles in his legs by doing various exercises, including the underwater treadmill, and other treatments like acupuncture and therapeutic massage. Cara, Rex’s Mom, diligently continued these exercises at home every day and continuous to do so.

– David, Rex’s dad

IMG_00000022Rex’s therapies at IPC have included Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (“VSMT” or Veterinary Chiropractic), Therapeutic Exercise, Acupuncture and Underwater Treadmill.

“We bring Rex to IPC a few times a year to get checked and learn new rehab methods. I am convinced that without IPC and without the continuous workouts at home, Rex would not be the happy dog he is today. These treatments have strengthened his legs and are helping to keep his knees in place without the need for any more surgeries. We strongly recommend IPC and encourage everyone in similar situations to take what you learn from the sessions and apply it at home on a regular basis.”

-David, Rex’s dad

“Rex and “his people” have been fantastic! The Fanellas came to Rex POTM Dec #2the recommendation of Rex’ primary care veterinarian to see if we could help Rex’ knees. It is fun to work with owners as attentive to their pet as are the Fanellas. They work with Rex every day and I can’t think of a patient who is more enthusiastic about his therapeutic exercises than Rex!”

-Dr. Rosemary LoGiudice, Rex’s IPC veterinarian

“Rex is so much fun to work with! He always comes to his Therapeutic Exercise sessions ready to work hard! Cara and David are very dedicated owners and it shows with the progress he has made.”
-Anna, Rex’s IPC therapist

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Aug 2015 Sahara

2 years ago · · Comments Off on Aug 2015 Sahara · Chicago, Chicago's Patient of the Month, Patient of the Month ·, , , , ,

Sahara in TESahara

If you’ve ever been to IPC Chicago on a Thursday, chances are you’ve met our August Patient of the Month Sahara. She’s that little dog sitting behind the front desk wagging her tail and looking adorable! Or perhaps you’ve heard her ridiculous bark that sounds like a duck quacking. Sahara is a force of nature who always makes sure her presence is known; or as her mom puts it, “a diva!”

Belinda admits that in May 2011 she had no business adopting another dog when she first saw Sahara’s picture in an email from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, doing a courtesy posting for local rescue. Her other dog was 14 years old and having major physical issues, but the cheesy subject line “Can you be an oasis for Sahara?” really sucked her in.

After contacting the rescue, Belinda learned that Sahara’s foster was actually her third known home. She was originally rescued from a high kill shelter and adopted out, but returned several times (most likely due to her barking). Once Sahara met her other dog and they got along, she came home with Belinda. The constant barking doesn’t bother Belinda one bit, although her cats may feel differently.

“Belinda is a super dog mom who goes above and beyond for Sahara  She adopted a dog who was returned multiple times for behavioral issues and turned her life around.  To say that Sahara is one lucky dog is an understatement.” 

-Dr. Megan Ridley

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Mar 2015 Birkin

3 years ago · · Comments Off on Mar 2015 Birkin · Chicago, Chicago's Patient of the Month, Patient of the Month ·, , , , , , ,

Birkin on treadmill


The first thing you notice about Birkin (besides her adorable face) is her extremely happy demeanor. Even when she’s not feeling too hot, she’ll greet you with a grin and a happy tail. We first met Birkin in June 2014 when she came to us for limping on her right rear leg.  We were hopeful that therapy would prevent surgery, but unfortunately she was just too active! Dr. Zenoni referred her to Dr. Wolf at Premier Veterinary Group for a surgical consultation. It turns out that Birkin had a fully torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) and a luxating patella- which could only be corrected with surgery.

Birkin came back to us shortly after surgery and made an amazing recovery (although she did look pretty pathetic with a shaved leg and cone of shame)!

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