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December 2017- Falkor

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During an agility course run, Falkor splayed out after going over a jump, slipped and injured his shoulder.  After seeing many vets and getting multiple diagnosis’, Falkor and Angie traveled to VOSM in Maryland to meet with Dr. Sherman Canapp.  He was finally diagnosed with MSI (Medial Shoulder Instability) and surgery was performed.  Rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery, so Falkor went to Integrative Pet Care for an evaluation.

“Recovering from medial shoulder instability surgery in hobbles is often stressful for both the owner and the dog.  It’s a long process of exercise restriction with an over-abundance of velcro for 16 weeks, followed by controlled return to activity after that” says Dr. Lisa Starr.

An intensive program was prescribed that included: joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise, therapeutic massage, laser therapy, underwater treadmill, and veterinary chiropractic services.  His road to recovery didn’t stop at IPC though; Angie works with Falkor up to 3.5 hours a day!  “Right now we are going into week 16 and my daily routine is walks up to 60 minutes and I do shorter walks throughout the day also with added hills and some trotting. I also have a dog treadmill that gets it’s share of use too.  Stretching, core and strengthening the rest of his body is on the menu each day and night.” -Angie

“Angie has been so committed to Falkor’s recovery.  She has worked tirelessly to keep up with his intensive exercise program while also addressing compensatory issues that tend to arise from being in a device that restricts patient mobility.  Meanwhile, Falkor is so driven to work and play and is such a people pleaser. His ever-joyful spirit coming in for his visits and aptitude to learn new exercises makes our appointments so enjoyable.  Angie and Falkor are such an incredible team! As he continues to get stronger and build his endurance again, we are looking forward to helping him stay healthy while he gets prepared to return to the agility course in the future.” -Dr. Lisa Starr.

“Falkor & his mom have been very dedicated to his rehabilitation after a very complex shoulder surgery. He has responded well to all of his care & continues to improve weekly. We are all striving to help Falkor return to agility work. He is a joy and Loves to give kisses.” -Susan, Falkor’s therapist

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