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Assistance for Patients with Special Needs

BialyBialy’s Wellness Foundation

Bialy’s Wellness Foundation helps families and rescue organizations care for pets with special needs. Specifically assisting those with mobility issues like paralysis, amputation, neurological or birth defects, and other diagnosed ailments.

Care for these animals can be costly, which means that too often they are euthanized or surrendered to high kill shelters. BWF provides families and rescues with the equipment, medical care, rehabilitative therapy, training, resources and support to give these special animals another chance at the good life.

BWF aims to:

  • Prevent the needless surrender and euthanasia of special needs pets
  • Help organizations rescue more overlooked animals from high kill shelters
  • Raise awareness, promote adoption and provide educational resources to assist families with the care of special needs pets
  • Support, encourage and collaborate with other animal welfare organizations
  • Promote holistic and alternative care methods for special needs animals

Hudson of Bialy's Wellness FoundationBialy’s Wellness Foundation fills a critical void in the rescue and pet-owning community. Through their sponsorship, collaborative blog and social media outreach, they connect families and organizations to veterinarians, rehabilitation and massage therapists, trainers and each other. BWF provides a space where animal lovers and professionals can share the insight, experience and hope they need to ensure our most special animals can enjoy long, active and happy lives.

What can BWF provide for patients with special needs? 

Supplies and equipment such asJosh of Bialy's Wellness Foundation

  • wheelchairs
  • special harnesses
  • diapers
  • belly bands
  • potty pads

Veterinary care including

  • supplements and prescriptions that relate to mobility or urinary incontinence
    • (pain meds, joint and ligament support, UTI medication)
  • special diagnostic testing
    • (MRI, bloodwork, urine cultures)
  • rehabilitation services offered by Integrative Pet Care

Do you have a patient in need of assistance? 

The pet owner or rescue organization can go to the BWF website ( to fill out an application and submit all of the necessary information.

Lt Dan of Bialy's Wellness FoundationAre you a veterinarian and want to learn more about BWF and what they can do to help your special needs patients?

Please contact Founder/President of BWF, Erin Kowalski. Erin is also available to visit and talk with your staff about the foundation and what resources are available for special needs patients. (Lunch and Learns are sponsored by Integrative Pet Care)



For more information please visit or email them at