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October 2020 – Violet

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The Mooney family knew exactly what they were getting themselves into when they rescued Violet. She was a racing greyhound and Florida native in her early life. Luckily for the Mooney family, Violet was terrible at racing and retired early, which is how she ended up at REGAP (Retired Greyhounds as Pets) of Illinois.

Their first encounter with violet was not as common as most first-time meet and greets with dogs, but it didn’t deter them from falling in love with her. 

Our first meeting with Violet was uneventful and she didn’t even seem to like us that much. This aloofness was relatable and she became our dog. Her independence and aloofness wasn’t shyness, as we later realized that she is a sassy apple, a HBIC, and a very independent woman who wants to do things her way.  

Patrick, Violet’s Owner
Taken first week of being rescued!

For those of you that are unaware, greyhounds are notorious for small injuries. Luckily for Violet’s family, they knew from day one that this could be possible. Violet, of course is a tough lady and has only needed stitches one time, but has broken almost all of her nails and dislocated a few toes as well. Violet did not end up at IPC until she got older and her owners noticed her slowing down and scuffing her hind feet a lot as she walked. Soon after that Violet had a difficult time getting comfortable and began yelping. Her owner’s didn’t know what was causing it and got concerned.

They reached out to their pals at One Tail at a Time Rescue to see if they had any recommendations for Violet. They suggested IPC and later got confirmation from their vet that IPC was the place to go.

Violet is just the sweetest. She is so great and easy to work with. I have such a fun time working with her and she brightens my day every time I see her. How can you not love that face!

Rika, Violet’s Therapist

Violet’s first appointment at IPC was on August 3rd, 2019 and has been coming to her regular appointments since then. She was diagnosed with lumbarsacral disease, spondylosis, IVDD, and osteoarthritis. It seems like a lot, but she is still the happy, excited dog that she is. The team at IPC decided that she does a combination of therapies including: Underwater treadmill, exercise, laser, and massage. Although she loves all the therapies she gets, she seems to get the most excited when she gets into the gym.

Violet is a hoot! She’s fun and always a good time. She gets so excited just to come into the building. Sometimes even gets a little too excited that we have to calm her down so she doesn’t hurt herself. Haha.

Emma, Violet’s Therapist

“Violet did not read the book on being a greyhound. She is not remotely nervous and she knows how to sit! She is seriously the biggest social butterfly and she loves to lean on anyone who is nearby. She loves rehabilitation; she is so focused and attentive to what her therapists are asking her to do. We like to playfully joke that she always makes sure to be just slightly worse for my recheck exams so that she can keep coming to IPC forever. She is the best girl, incredibly smart, and we love her long snoot!”

Dr. Martin, Violet’s Vet at IPC
Fun Fact: Most Greyhounds we meet do not know how to sit. This is Violet’s special trick!

Violet has been an IPC regular since her first day and has been loving coming here ever since. Her owners are grateful to the IPC team and we love Violet’s fun and spunky spirit every time she walks through the doors. The team here is so proud of all her hard work and looks forward to working with her every time she comes in.

Sam and I would like to thank everyone at IPC, especially Rika, Emma & Dr. Martin, for taking such good care of her and keeping her back issues from getting worse! She’s going to be able to do her quick 45 second sprints forever now!

Patrick, Violet’s Owner

Each month we ask our POTM to select an organization for us to feature. This month, Violet’s owner asked us to feature two organizations that have impacted Violet’s life: REGAP of Illinois and One Tail at a Time Rescue. These two organizations have helped Violet and her owner in so many ways to make sure Violet is comfortable and taken care of when needed. Please learn more about them in the links below:

REGAP of Illinois:

One Tail at a Time:

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