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Patient of the Month May 2017 Homer Glen


Annie turned 18 years old last month and her owner has had her since she was a few months old.  She is described as a ‘nature girl’ by her mom who says she will happily sit under a bush or tree for hours.  She will watch the birds, butterflies and squirrels.  In her younger days, she would go into stalking mode (but wasn’t allowed to harm any animals or insects).  Now that she is older, she is content to just watch the activity in the yard.

As much as she likes being outside, she also enjoys the comforts of being an inside cat.  She usually sleeps on the bed or a soft blanket.  She loves to be brushed, but will absolutely let you know when she has had enough attention.

Annie’s mom brought her to IPC Homer Glen because she was having difficulty getting in and out of the litter box and rarely moved off the heating grate in the front room.  When she did walk she was stiff, slow and looked uncomfortable.

Dr. Ihrke prescribed a program that consisted of weekly massage and therapeutic laser sessions.  After four weeks, she was moving better at home, had no issues with her litter box, and was allowing people to touch her more.  After seeing such positive results, Annie’s mom plans on continuing therapy.

“I really enjoy working with cats and rehabilitation can have a tremendous positive impact in their lives.” -Dr. Amber Ihrke

“Annie responded well to laser therapy and was so easygoing and patient during her treatment sessions. She doesn’t hesitate to tell you if she doesn’t like something, but by the end of her treatment she had little to say even as we stretched those hips! She was able to get back to moving around much more comfortably with improved mobility in her rear limbs.”  – Katie Fitzgerald, Annie’s therapist

Make a difference!

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an animal related organization to spotlight during his or her “reign”.  Annie has asked us to tell you about NAWS Humane Society of Illinois.

NAWS is a 501c3 charity whose mission is to ‘end pet homelessness, suffering, and unnecessary pet euthanasia – to serve pets in need – and to promote treating all animals with respect and dignity.’