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Custom Conditioning for the Canine Athlete

Sports and Conditioning

The sports and conditioning program at Integrative Pet Care is for active dogs who are expected to perform at a competitive level. This includes dogs that participate in agility trials, flyball, dock diving, herding, rally obedience and athletic activities. The aim of this program is to achieve peak performance and reduce the risk of injury.

During a sports and conditioning evaluation, Dr. Deanne Zenoni looks for a number of different factors:

“It’s important to look for muscle imbalance, asymmetry, restrictions in movement and compensatory changes.”

With a canine athlete’s level of activity and any limitations in mind, we create a customized treatment plan. A sports and conditioning treatment plan usually includes sessions in the underwater treadmill or sport-specific exercises in the gym. Dr. Zenoni often recommends chiropractic adjustments for canine athletes.

“We want to ensure the spine is moving appropriately. This helps muscles respond quicker, which makes dogs more agile.”

Agility and nose work trainer, Stacey Hawk, echoes Dr. Zenoni’s sentiments.

“Most human athletes go through some kind of conditioning regimen. It makes sense that canine athletes undergo something similar.”

Stacey’s own dog, Journey, competes in agility trials and credits his performance to his regular sessions in the underwater treadmill. “He’s a big dog and I don’t think he could jump as well as he does without it.” She believes that a sports and conditioning program helps build endurance and promotes a healthy lifestyle for animals.

2 years ago · · Sports Medicine