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Pain and Arthritis in Cats

20140417_142434-2The health and wellness of our feline friends is a top priority for loving cat owners. So as cats age it is important to be mindful that they are prone to the ailments and “slowing down” that come with it.
Arthritis, the inflammation of joints, is a common condition in older cats. As they age the smooth cartilage begins to wear down causing painful friction between the bones. Effected areas can include shoulders, hips, elbows and the spine. Cats carrying extra weight are especially prone to arthritis, as the additional weight places greater strain on their joints.

Because the pain associated with arthritis tends to be a dull, aching type, rarely do cats vocalize to express this. However, there are some telltale signs that your cat might be experiencing discomfort. Limb stiffness, abnormal gait, muscle atrophy and issues getting to their feet are all indicators that your cat may be suffering from this ailment.
While arthritis is certainly not a life-threatening disease, there are ways to improve the dscn1375quality of life of your feline companion. At IPC, therapeutic modalities such as massage, laser, acupuncture and chiropractic/VSMT can help alleviate the symptoms and manage the pain.

“These things can be helpful in improving range of motion and blood circulation, which, in turn, can reduce the inflammation and soreness commonly associated with arthritis,” explains Dr. Ridley.

Recognizing signs of arthritis and being proactive is its management will provide your cat with the best life possible. If you suspect that your cat may be in pain please contact your veterinarian.