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Patient of the Month February 2017 Hanover Park

Ch Khalin










In early November of 2016 Ch Khalin suffered from hind limb paresis or a ‘mini stroke’, which caused him to lose function in his rear legs.  He was referred to Integrative Pet Care Hanover Park by his primary care veterinarian at Gateway Veterinary Clinic.  Ch Khalin met with Dr. Rosemary LoGiudice who prescribed a rehabilitation program that consisted of: veterinary acupuncture & chiropractic treatments, therapeutic exercise, massage and laser therapy.  His owner Vallie attributes his improvement to the collaborative efforts of his veterinarians and staff.


In 2010, Ch Khalin received his AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dogs Intl. (TDI) certifications.  He then became the “Spokes Dog” for the Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Organization (OCSA).  OCSA’s vision is to save a life, while raising awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms when partnering with the veterinary community in its veterinary outreach program.  He was also an accomplished show dog.


“It has been nothing short of a true health care team effort to help Ch Khalin get ‘back on his feet’ and walking on his own again.” -Dr. Rosemary LoGiudice, DVM, DACVSMR, CCRT, CVA, CVSMT, CAC



“It has been a pleasure working with Ch Khalin over the past few months and seeing his progress.  When I first began seeing Ch Khalin he was having  trouble getting up and needed assistance walking up and down the stairs at home.  Now Ch Khalin is able to navigate the stairs on his own!  Keep up the great work!”  -Anna Alberth, CVT, CCRA





“There are really no words to express my gratitude to everyone for saving my best friend’s life,” -Vallie


Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization that they’d like promoted during their “reign.” Khalin has chosen Midwest Greyhound Adoption.  Please consider making a donation to them this month!


Founded in 1991, Midwest Greyhound Adoption is a not-for-profit organization located in Sugar Grove, IL. We are comprised of 100% volunteers, dedicated to the rescue and adoption of retired racing greyhounds.