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Patient of the Month February 2017 Homer Glen



“Bruse was originally adopted from a family member who found he was too busy for a puppy.  Unbeknownst to my husband and me, Olde English Bulldogs are a very high maintenance breed that are prone to many medical problems. Bruse showed some sensitivity periodically in his back and knees. After visiting 3 separate veterinarians, I was referred to Integrative Pet care of Homer Glen for rehabilitation.

Through hydrotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic therapies, his transformation was quick. The improvement in his walk, movement, and energy level was very noticeable. The entire team was always so happy to see Bruse, and he could not wait to get inside to see all his friends. We are delighted with Bruse’s improvement in his health, and are very thankful to all at Integrative Pet care!”  -Shannon, Bruse’s mom


“On wellness examination, Bruce was diagnosed with a medial luxating patella. After discussing the condition and treatment options with the owner, we recommended Bruce to be referred to Integrative Pet Care for rehabilitation as part of his treatment. Since Bruce is a young and vibrant dog, our goal is to promote joint health and try to slow progression of issues secondary to the luxating patella. Rehabilitation services are an excellent option to aid in our management without taking invasive measures. With Bruce’s vivacious personality, he gets treatment while he thinks he’s playing.”  -Bruse’s referring veterinarian, Dr. Debbie Anello



“Bruse is the most adorable bulldog puppy you would ever want to meet. He came to us with a right medial patellar luxation and bilateral hip dysplasia that was causing him discomfort and limiting his mobility. Bruse began a treatment plan of hydrotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. Over the course of eight weeks, he showed tremendous improvement in his endurance, range of motion and mobility. He was a joy to work with every visit.” -IPC veterinarian, Dr. Amber Ihrke, DVM, CCRT, CVA, VSMT

“Bruse is an adorable bulldog puppy who came to us with bilateral hip pain and difficulty walking. He wasn’t able to be the playful pup he wanted to be because of his hips. Bruse began rehab with us laser, underwater treadmill and acupuncture. Bruse loved his therapy and coming to IPC. As Bruse’s pain improved his “puppiness” finally returned and he was able to walk more easily and with less pain. Bruse then progressed with therapeutic exercises and his owner learned how to continue with his exercises at home to maintain the gains he made during rehab at IPC. It was fun seeing Bruce become a puppy once again and we just love seeing his adorable bulldog face!” – Valerie Williams, PT, DPT, ATRIC, CCRP


“Bruse is a very sweet pup who is a joy to work with. Because of Bruse’s condition, he was having a hard time being a puppy. Each week I could see him get more and more rambunctious. It was great to see him become the puppy he wanted to be.”  -Katie Neforos, CVT, CCRA





Each month we ask our POTM to choose an organization that they’d like promoted during their “reign.” Bruse has chosen The Caspian Foundation.  Please consider making a donation to them this month!