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Patient of the Month January 2017 Homer Glen



Madison was adopted outside of Madison WI, hence her name, in September of 2011 when she was about 12 -15 weeks old.  To the best of their knowledge, Madison is a border collie/husky mix.  She immediately starting training, but her mom noticed that she was acting like an ‘old lady’ at about 9 months of age.  She was suddenly having issues with stairs and ‘puppy push ups’ (meaning going from a sit to a down and back to a sit). Her trainer at the time also noticed it and recommended a trip to the vet where their ‘adventure into hip dysplasia’ began.

The first x-ray showed that both hips had significant hip dysplasia.   After seeing a few specialists,  Madison had her first hip surgery (FHO) at age 1.  She completed a 12 week of rehab program after the surgery (IPC Homer Glen wasn’t open then).  Madison looked so great after, that most people couldn’t tell she even had surgery.  Madison received periodic acupuncture sessions for pain management as she kept on training with other activities such as: agility, therapy dog certification, and nosework.madison_elite-potm-1-17

Everything was going great for Madison until last January.  While having a massage during a nosework competition, it was noted that her back was full of ‘hot spots’.  Her mom Debbie also noticed some behavioral changes like moving away from people during therapy visits, barking at small kids, and not playing as much in general.  So Debbie booked an evaluation at Integrative Pet Care.

“Madison came to us several years after having a femoral head and neck amputation of her left hip and severe arthritis in her right hip.  She is a very active sporting/therapy dog, and was exhibiting discomfort with her activities. After a regimen of acupuncture, hydrotherapy, manual therapy and therapeutic exercises, Madison has improved her mobility and continues to succeed in her nosework competitions.  Madison shows that a multimodal approach to osteoarthritis can lead to improved quality of life for these pet.”  –  Amber Ihrke DVM, CCRT, CVA, CVSMT


Madison started with a 12 week plan of underwater treadmill, therapeutic exercise, and stretching.  She did great and  was graduated to maintenance plan.  Her mom decided to take the summer off, but noticed she had regressed quite a bit.  So back they went to IPC, and after another 12 week program, Madison has graduated once again to a maintenance plan!  “ When Madison first came to IPC, she was somewhat reserved and had difficulty working as a therapy dog because she didn’t want anyone to pet her.  Through rehab, Madison not only regained her range of motion and mobility but also her confidence.  Her outgoing, friendly personality returned and she now enjoys being around people to pet her without the fear of pain in her rear limbs ” -Valerie Williams, PT, DPT, ATRIC, CCRP.


“Madison has been such a great patient to work with. She is always willing to participate in therapy and has been a model patient! It has been fun to see this sweet girl progress during time her at IPC!”  –  Katie Fitzgerald PT, DPT, CCRP

By doing rehab, Madison’s mom has given her a great quality of life.  She continues to do Nosework (she’s now an Elite dog), run and play with her canine sister, and enjoys trips to the dog park.  They recently had to make the tough decision to retire her as a therapy dog, but are going to replace that with swimming.  Even though Madison is involved in many activities, she still loves coming to IPC.  “She is always so excited to come and visits with everyone in the hospital on her way to the treadmill. My favorite part of her session is watching her try to keep her tail out of the water. It only falls when she gets tired, and that hasn’t happened in months”  says Katie Dunbar CVT, CCRA.

I can’t thank the IPC Homer Glen staff enough for helping Madison this past year.  Prior to each Nosework competition we did this year, Dr. Amber, Val and/or Katie worked on her and I am convinced this made all the difference. -Debbie, Madison’s mom


Make a difference!

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an animal related organization to spotlight during his or her “reign”.  Madison has asked us to tell you about Hinsdale Humane Societyhinsdale

The Hinsdale Humane Society is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the care and adoption of homeless animals.  “We advocate education and public service to encourage the compassionate treatment of animals and to prevent their suffering and neglect.  We are a voice for companion animals who are dependent on people for their care and believe they are entitled to our respect and protection.”