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Patient of the Month December 2016 Homer Glen



Riot’s owner Mike got Riot when she was 8 weeks old and she has been by his side ever since.  She entered the show dog circuit, where she loved the attention, travel and competition.  Riot had a very successful show career and eventually became one of the first AKC female mastiff grand champions!  Riot is now happily retired from showing, but still enjoys getting attention from everyone she meets!


“Riot was referred to Integrative Pet Care Homer Glen after rupturing her left cruciate ligament.  Due to her size and age, her owner did not want to put her through surgery and was searching for alternative treatments.  She had poor endurance with standing and walking and her overall activity level at home had decreased.  We decided to cast and fit Riot with a custom orthotic device from OrthoPets for her left stifle.  During the fiberglass impression, Riot had significant difficulty standing and would not weight bear on her left leg.

After receiving the orthosis, we fit Riot with the device and showed her owner had to properly put on and take off the device.  She received therapy at home to increase her left rear leg strength and retrain her gait with the new orthotic device.  Riot demonstrated significant improvement with mobility and weight bearing on her left rear leg after her home therapy.  Riot was able to stand for longer periods of time along with walk longer distances at home without resting.  She no longer sat down during her examinations as she did her at initial evaluations.  Riot’s quality of life improved greatly through the use of the orthotic device to stabilize her left stifle.  In addition to the brace, Riot also pursued therapy at IPC HG that included underwater treadmill & therapeutic exercise.” -Valerie Williams, PT, DPT, ATRIC, CCRP

“We’ve had great luck with the brace and have had a good experience with IPCHG from fitting the brace, rehab plans and the rehab itself.  I am overly impressed with Riots improvement since we’ve acquired the brace especially with her size and age, she gets around very well again and is much happier.” –Mike, Riot’s owner



Riot, our 170-pound gentle giant, came to us with cranial cruciate disease of the left stifle.  Her owner did not want to pursue surgery, so we elected to have a custom orthotic made for Riot’s left knee.  Upon receiving her orthotic and starting rehabilitation therapy, Riot adjusted beautifully to her device, became more active and loves to go for walks.  She is a great example of the options even the largest of patients have to stay mobile.” -Amber Ihrke, DVM, CCRT, CVA, CVSMT


Make a difference!

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an animal related organization to spotlight during his or her “reign”.  Riot has asked us to tell you about Great Lakes Midwest Rescue.


Our mission is to educate the public about the joys and difficulties of living with giant breeds, rescue, provide housing, medical care, sterilization and, finally, re-home these abandoned or misplaced Mastiffs into homes where they will live with family members, as they should.