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Patient of the Month December 2016 Hanover Park



Pugsley is a super handsome senior fellow who has a zest for life.  Based on his smiling face you would never guess he had a rough start to life.  He was unfortunately hit by a car prior to being surrendered to the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue & Adoption (NIPRA) in August of 2013. When he was placed in his forever home, his new family noticed his many problems and tended to them right away. Pugsley wobbled a lot, could not walk for more than a few feet without collapsing in the rear, could not potty without falling, and did not enjoy taking morning walks.  Fortunately his neurologist, Dr. Belinda Comito at Veterinary Specialty Center recommended starting rehabilitation, and the rest is history!

“If I could give any advice for other pugs who may have a similar spinal issue, it is important to get checked out quickly by a neurologist and start a physical therapy program if it is right for you.” -Dennis, Pugsley’s dad


Pugsley and his sister Zoey


Pugsley started with a heavy therapy regimen of electrical stimulation (e-stim), underwater treadmill, therapeutic laseracupuncture & exercise sessions.  Both Puglsey and his parents were skeptical about starting therapy, but after seeing his progress they are true believers.  After seeing improvement and his owner’s dedication to his care, Dr. Rodriguez graduated Pugsley to a maintenance plan.  He has since built up muscle mass, rarely falls over, can lift his rear legs and trots across the yard!  His parents know that he’ll never be perfect, but feel he is “1000% better”.

“Pugsley is a little guy with a BIG personality who I’ve have the pleasure of working with since the summer of 2014.  Because of Pugsley’s dedicated owners he has made great progress!  He is loved by everyone here at IPC and is a joy to work with.”  –  Anna Alberth CVT, CCRT


Since he’s feeling so much better, Pugsley can now enjoy a variety of activities.  He loves going for car rides, hanging out on the couch, taking walks, getting groomed, and yelling for his breakfast.  After losing his older sister Ms. Rheta, his family adopted a younger companion who keeps him on his toes.  The best part of Pugsley’s recovery is being able to wag his tail again!


“Pugsley has been coming to us for quite some time now and he is always a joy to be around.  His owners are truly dedicated and have really made a difference in Pugsley’s life.”  Dr. Arlene Rodriguez, DVM, CCRT

Make a difference!

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an animal related organization to spotlight during his or her “reign”.  Pugsley has asked us to tell you about Northern Illinois Pug Rescue & Adoption.

Northern Illinois Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc. (NIPRA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that exists to assist the community in placing any needy Pug dog in a permanent, loving home. All adoption fees and donations go solely for the rescue, care, and placement of mistreated, unwanted or homeless Pugs.logo2-04