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Patient of the Month December 2016 Chicago



Mimi came to IPC by way of Bialy’s Wellness Foundation a little over a year ago.  Her owners brought her to the vet because she was having an extremely difficult time walking and seemed to be in constant pain.  They did not have the finances to cover all that Mimi needed, so the vet contacted BWF to see if they could sponsor Mimi’s medical care.  BWF stepped up immediately to cover diagnostics and intensive rehab.  Sadly Mimi’s owner passed away and her family was having a hard time caring for her.  One of their neighbors, Danielle had fallen in love with Mimi and decided to help the family out by bringing her to appointments.  After seeing how much medical attention Mimi needed, Danielle offered to adopt her and they made it official in July!


Mimi originally started coming twice weekly for Massage and Laser sessions.  She responded well those therapies so she continued coming for once weekly underwater treadmill and laser sessions.  Even though she was improving, Dr. Ridley wanted a more defined diagnosis so she visited The University of Wisconsin for further testing.  It was discovered that she had severe polyarthropathy in her knees, wrists & elbows which caused a lot of discomfort when walking.  The vet put her on Leflunomide, which is a medication used to treat rheumatoid arthritis in humans.  After starting the medication, Mimi’s overall condition started improving even more.  Mimi has graduated to a maintenance plan consisting over bi-monthly underwater treadmill and laser sessions, and Danielle has taken over her massage treatments.  It has been wonderful to see Mimi go from looking miserable while walking to bounding through the door, eager to start therapy.

“Mimi has improved quite a lot since beginning regular appointments at IPC. Her range of motion has improved, she is able to go for longer walks, occasional runs, and will regularly jump on the couch with no assistance. She still carries lots of tension from her arthritis, but her day-to-day life has improved exponentially. She is an incredibly happy and loving dog who doesn’t let her condition slow her down at all!”       –Danielle, Mimi’s mom


A typical day for Mimi involves lots of cuddles, a fair amount of naps, and plenty of bursts of energy. Mimi enjoys that her mom & dad work different hours, so she gets to spend lots of time with each of them! She wakes up in the morning with mom and has breakfast and morning meds before curling up on the couch with blankets to slowly wake up for the day. When dad comes home in the early afternoon, Mimi greets him excitedly and she knows it’s time for an afternoon walk. Afternoons and evenings consist of play time, yard time, couch cuddles, and massages which she prefers to get from mom. She loves chewing on her Star Wars themed toys the most (Yoda & Chewbacca), chasing her cat-friend Mojo, and sniffing out the Husky who lives on the other side of her backyard fence. She loves taking her meds because it means she gets treats, but is not always a fan of her monthly adequan shot.  Mimi loves riding in cars when she is able, and often commutes to IPC in her bike trailer.


Mimi’s rehab and care would not have happened without the assistance of Bialy’s Wellness Foundation, which Danielle and Joel are extremely grateful for.  They opened their home and hearts to a special needs dog and BWF has made her continued care possible.  Mimi’s journey has been a long one with many bumps in the road, but she’s finally reached her destination.   We feel so fortunate to be part of Mimi’s happy ending!



Make a difference!

Each month we ask our POTM to choose an animal related organization to spotlight during his or her “reign”.  Mimi has asked us to tell you about Bialy’s Wellness Foundation.

downloadProviding families and rescue organizations with special needs animals the equipment, medical care, rehabilitative therapy, training, resources and support necessary to optimize the quality of life of their wonderful animals. Our mission is only possible from the generosity of our supporters. Bialy’s Wellness Foundation’s goal is to provide assistance to our sponsored animals for life.