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November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month

hippieIf you’re thinking about adopting a pet, you may want to consider adopting a senior dog or cat. Sadly, seniors spend the most amount of time at the shelter and have a higher rate of euthanasia. Although some people may be deterred because they feel they won’t have as much time with their companion, older animals have a lot to offer!sassy-chiro


Senior pets, unlike their younger counterparts are more settled in their ways with more evident personalities. You know exactly the type of dog or cat you’ll be bringing into your home. A puppy will often require hours of training and supervision as they become adjusted to their new environment, where this is not really the case with an older pet. They are usually already well-versed in basic commands which lends to a better ability to learn new tricks (you can teach an old dog new tricks!).

Older pets also make excellent companions for seniors and even families withemily
children because of their low-key disposition.

When adopting a senior pet from a shelter, the greatest benefit is being able to give them a second chance at life during their “golden years”. Grateful to be out of a stressful environment, a senior pet will be sure to show you their appreciation. A senior dog or cat can still have many quality years, why not make them good ones?


Not looking to adopt but still want to help? Check out The Grey Muzzle for ways you can support senior dogs and cats!

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