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Patient of the Month November 2016 Chicago



Ryno was adopted in 2005 from Chicago Animal Care and Control when he was 18 months old.  He lived a relatively normal life until he was injured in a grooming accident in 2010.  After two unsuccessful surgeries to repair his left rear leg, he developed a massive infection and a large ulcer and it was determined that they leg had to be amputated.  After two weeks, Ryno slowly adjusted to life as a tripod. He was able to figure out how to squat, run and walk up a flight of stairs without assistance. His resilience enabled him to persevere and never look back.


Ryno was referred to Integrative Pet Care in early 2015 after he developed chronic back pain which made it difficult to walk.  He began with regular underwater treadmill, laser, massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic sessions. He progressively improved week by week and was able to resume his regular walking routine by July.


“He thoroughly enjoys his visits at IPC- he walks in with boundless enthusiasm and leaves feeling relaxed. Ryno is always treated with great care and attention from the devoted and loving staff at IPC.” -Mital, Ryno’s mom


In late 2015, Ryno developed a brain tumor. He received intensive radiation treatments and steroid therapy. The cumulative effects of the treatments took a tremendous toll on Ryno’s overall mobility, but today he has fully recovered and remains on anti-seizure medications.  Ryno’s resilience has enabled him to enjoy life as a tripod with grace and ease. Ryno probably only misses his leg when he needs to scratch his ear. Otherwise, he is a very healthy, happy, and handsome boy!

“Ryno’s mom and dad are model parents as they have gone above and beyond for his care.  Through all the ups and downs, they are with him every step of the way!” -Dr. Deanne Zenoni

As his arthritis, back and hip pain progressed his beloved walks started to become harder and harder, so Ryno’s IPC team recommended a cart.  He was fitted for a cart in August and his life has dramatically changed for the better!  He instantly took to the cart like a pro and he is able to go for long walks (over 45 minutes) at a time. Now, his daily routine consists of forty minute morning walks, an hour long afternoon walk, and 20 minute nightly walks. He is now a 13 year-old with a need for speed.


Ryno has faced many challenges in his life, but his smile has never faded.


Each month we ask our POTM to choose an animal related organization to spotlight during his or her “reign.” Ryno asked us to tell you about Friends of Animal Care and Control.  

Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control (FCACC) is the nonprofit group committed exclusively to helping save the lives of over 23,000 animals that come into custody of Chicago Animal Care and Control (ACC) at 2741 S. Western each year.