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Patient of the Month November 2016 Hanover Park


“Hennessey came to Four Paws Animal Foundation at 10 weeks of age from Chicago Animal Care & Control where he was listed as a stray; unable to urinate on his own, impacted bowel and possible paralysis of his back legs. After a complete and thorough exam by our own veterinary clinic, where x-rays were also taken, it was determined that 2 vertebrae (one of which was fractured) were pinching his spine and blocking signals to his brain. We decided the best course of action would be for him to have an evaluation and course of treatment by Integrative Pet Care of Hanover Park once we felt he was strong enough. We are so happy that he has responded to Acupuncture, Laser and Exercise treatments and has improved greatly as evidenced by him being able to stand on his own even for a short time.  Withhennessey-6 another course of treatment and continuing exercises at home we hope he will eventually be able to walk on his own but for now we are so encouraged by his progress.  Thank you to the wonderful staff and IPC Hanover Park!”

-Arleen, Four Paws Animal Foundation

henessey-2“As with several special-needs kitties that they have rescued, and against all odds, Arleen and Four Paws had confidence that Hennessy could be another one to respond to rehabilitation therapy and possibly be able to stand and walk. He has a great attitude and a fantastic dedicated support group!

It has been a long road, with an intensive combination of therapies, including VSMT (veterinary spinal manipulative therapy / “veterinary chiropractic “), Veterinary Acupuncture, Therapeutic Exercises (both at Integrative Pet Care Hanover Park, and at home by Arleen), Therapeutic Massage, and Therapeutic Laser treatments, but Hennessey is standing on his own and making progress.”hennessey-4

– Rosemary J. LoGiudice DVM, DACVSMR, CCRT, CVA, CVSMT


“Working with cats in rehab can sometimes be a challenge, but for Hennessey his Therapeutic Exercises are “playtime!” It’s been great to see the progress that Hennessey has made over the 2 months of therapy. He can now stand for short periods of time and can a take a few steps via “tail walking.” Hennessey could not have made progress without the constant home therapy from Arleen!”

–  Anna Alberth CVT, CCRA


Make a Difference

Each month we ask our POTM for a not for profit organization that they would like to promote during their reign. Hennessey of course has asked us to highlight Four Paws Foundation. You can support them by making a donation here.