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Patient of the Month November 2016 Homer Glen


“Chiko is 11 years old. He did agility training before his injuries. He loves to do odd jobs, like bring me my shoes and slippers when I ask for them. He likes to get his bowl when it is time for dinner. Most people say he is a very happy dog, I agree. He is super sweet and loves having his ears and butt scratched. He eats just about everything. One of his favorite treats is carrots. He likes cucumbers and broccoli stems. He loves bread and can smell it from a

He started going to IPC for an elbow injury, just when that was getting better he blew out his knee. He had knee surgery a year ago. Now that that is all better, his elbow has become more arthritic and is causing him more problems. We continue to see the wonder people at IPC and Colonial Manor to help treat the pain he is having. He loves the entire staff and is so excited when he is there to get in the back room and “play” with his buddies. He loves the underwater treadmill, but that might be because of the peanut butter he chiko-8gets. He loves it when Valerie works on his shoulder. Not really, but he takes it like a ‘big dog.’”

– Susan O’Sullivan

“Chico came to us about a year and a half ago with front limb lameness due to elbow arthritis. With a rehabilitation plan that included chiropractic, therapeutic laser, manual therapy and therapeutic exercises. Chico was able to get his mobility and endurance improved. Since that time, he has also had a cruciate injury and surgical repair that included another round of rehabilitation. Chico is the epitome of resilience. He is now 11 ½ years old and continues with therapy to maintain his mobility despite his orthopedic issues. He continues with hydrotherapy, manual therapy and his home exercise program and still is perky. He is a great example of maintain mobility in a senior pet through physical rehabilitation.”chico-4-15

– Amber Ihrke DVM, CCRT, CVA, CVSMT

“Chiko is an awesome patient! Initially, we saw Chiko for arthritis in his hips and then he tore his cruciate so he continued rehab with us. Chiko is easy going and loves dive bombing for his carrots while walking in the underwater treadmill. He is also being treated for arthritis in his left elbow. Although Chiko is not crazy about having his manual“ therapy sessions, he responds extremely well with improved mobility in his limbs, decreased lameness and overall more “spunkiness” and energy. Chiko is a great example of how much mobility a geriatric patient can gain and maintain through participating in a regular rehab program. We love Chiko at IPC!”

– Valerie Williams, PT, DPT, ATRIC, CCRP

Everyone loves it when Chiko comes in. No matter how he is feeling he is always so excited to see us and work. chiko-4There is nothing Chiko won’t do for a carrot or some peanut butter.”

– Katie Neferos CVT, CCRA


Make a Difference

Every month we ask our POTM to choose an organization that they would like to promote during their reign. This month Chiko has asked us to tell you about Chicagoland Lab Rescue. Learn more and find out how you can help at