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Patient of the Month October 2015 Homer Glen

Hershey from Homer GlenHershey

Ever think a dog could pull a wheelie? Well, Hershey can & does! Hershey started rehab with us in April 2014. Although looking at him you would never know it, Hershey has the highest grade of hip dysplasia that a pet can have. He doesn’t let that slow him down though.

“When I first saw Hershey, he had one of the worst cases of hip dysplasia I have seen in 20 years. I cannot believe how stoic of a dog he is to not show any clinical signs before now. He is truly a great companion to his family and a great patient to work on.”

-Dr. Joe DeMoor (Primary Vet, Colonial Manor Animal Hospital)

Dr. Amber started Hershey out with weekly Underwater Treadmill and Therapeutic Exercise as well as Acupuncture to keep his rear legs going. As long as Hershey is getting Hershey in sunglassesattention, he is up for anything we throw at him.

“Working with Hershey always makes me smile. He’s such a happy-go-lucky kind of guy and he’s always willing to work, even when his rear legs do not cooperate with him. He’s a great patient that shows you even with a set of wheels, he is still living a full and happy life!”

-Valerie Williams, PT, DPT, ATRIC, CCRP

This past March we noticed that Hershey was just having a harder time using his rear legs. Dr. Amber and Valerie spoke with Hershey’s owners about it and they made the decision to get him a cart. His cart helps him stay mobile using less energy.

Hershey's New Cart“Hershey has had neurologic issues with his rear legs, but no one told him that! He is always so excited to come see us and work. He would do anything we asked of him for a treat and now that he has his wheels nothing stops him.”

-Katie Neforos Dunbar, CVT, CCRA

Since he got his cart he has been a mad man! He comes flying into the clinic on 2 wheels (sometimes one). Although he has graduated from his more instense therapy, Hershey continues therapy with monthly maintenance acupuncture sessions, which we all look forward to!

“Hershey does really well with his cart, but in this kind of weather he does REALLY well without his cart.  Hershey's graduationHe Loves the Fall and runs around regardless of his age like a crazy man.  We are blessed to still have him in our lives.”

-Marilyn Erman, Hershey’s mom

“Hershey is a delight and is always happy to be here to work with us.  He has never let his disability get in way of enjoying life and he continues to embrace every day.”

-Dr. Amber Ihrke, CCRT, CVA, CVSMT, CAC

Make a Difference

Each month we ask our POTM to share an organization that could use our support. Hershey’s mom asked us to tell you about Paws Chicago, a large volume shelter in Chicago, where a rescue named Roebert is in need of surgery.