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Patient of the Month September 2015


There’s just something about Pippi that instantly draws the eye.  Could it be the goofy grin and floppy ears? Or maybe it’s her commanding personality and endless bouncing energy?  Whatever it is, we’ve fallen head over heels for this girl!

I got Pippi about five years ago from Illinois Doberman Rescue.  They really do an outstanding job of preparing and presenting the dogs they rescue.  I originally had my heart set on another Doberman based on the profiles I saw.  I’d seen Pippi’s profile (her name at the rescue was ‘Harmonie’) but she looked like a scrawny little 55-pound runt in her photos.
Really smart – she would self-entertain herself by putting a ball in a bucket hanging on a door, then nudge the bucket to make it roll out so that she could chase it, then return it to the bucket.  When I went to an adoption event though, ‘Harmonie’ was the first dog I saw – she and her foster were coming up the stairs when I was coming down them, and she was such a pretty girl, enthusiastic about going somewhere new, and had such a bright-eyed personality.  I must have seen 20 Dobermans at the adoption event that day, but kept coming back to ‘Harmonie’ and the other Doberman.  I took both out for walks, and sat with both of them – the other Doberman was very laid back – in fact too laid back for my personality.  ‘Harmonie’ was enthusiastic in our introduction but not overwhelming, she walked nicely on leash, and we just seemed to take to each other right away.
My gut feel said she was ‘the one’ and I was right.  As soon as we left the event with my dad, she jumped right in the back seat of the truck, laid down and took a nap, and the rest pretty much is history.  The name ‘Pippi’ or ‘Pippilotta Langstrumpf’ is for one of my favorite childhood characters Pippi Longstocking, and Pippi’s floppy ears remind me of Pippi Longstocking’s pig-tails.

-Aquelah, Pippi’s mom

All was going well for Pippi following a routine TPLO surgery on her right rear leg until Halloween last year.  Poor Pippi Doing TEPippi was frightened by lightning and misjudged jumping into her mom’s SUV.  She landed on her surgical leg and suffered multiple fractures!  The surgery was repeated, but the surgeon placed Pippi’s leg in an Ehmer sling to immobilize it for 12 weeks.  If that wasn’t enough to deal with, she then developed a severe bacterial infection.  Despite all that was going on, Pippi walked through our doors with a smile on her face last December.

“Pippi’s rehabilitation at IPC has given her back her mobility on all four legs, and most likely has prevented her from having more surgery…the therapy keeps her body and mind active and strong!”

Pippi’s therapy includes twice weekly underwater treadmill sessions (she currently walks on an incline!) and combo sessions of therapeutic exercise & laser. It’s been a gradual process to get Pippi back on her feet because of a suspected cruciate tear in her left leg, but that’s never slowed her down. Pippi is at full speed all the time, but that’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy a little massage from time to time!

“It is really exciting to see how far she has come after so many post-surgery complications!” 

-Francisco, Pippi’s physical therapist

Make a Difference!

Pippi has asked us to spotlight Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus this month, since they saved her life!
The goal of Doberman Rescue is to rescue Dobermans in need, to place them into responsible homes, and to educate the public about the Doberman breed. Our Rescue Dobermans come from animal control organizations, humane societies, and owner give-up situations within Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana.