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Patient of the Month August 2015

Sahara in TESahara

If you’ve ever been to IPC Chicago on a Thursday, chances are you’ve met our August Patient of the Month Sahara. She’s that little dog sitting behind the front desk wagging her tail and looking adorable! Or perhaps you’ve heard her ridiculous bark that sounds like a duck quacking. Sahara is a force of nature who always makes sure her presence is known; or as her mom puts it, “a diva!”

Belinda admits that in May 2011 she had no business adopting another dog when she first saw Sahara’s picture in an email from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, doing a courtesy posting for local rescue. Her other dog was 14 years old and having major physical issues, but the cheesy subject line “Can you be an oasis for Sahara?” really sucked her in.

After contacting the rescue, Belinda learned that Sahara’s foster was actually her third known home. She was originally rescued from a high kill shelter and adopted out, but returned several times (most likely due to her barking). Once Sahara met her other dog and they got along, she came home with Belinda. The constant barking doesn’t bother Belinda one bit, although her cats may feel differently.

“Belinda is a super dog mom who goes above and beyond for Sahara  She adopted a dog who was returned multiple times for behavioral issues and turned her life around.  To say that Sahara is one lucky dog is an understatement.” 

-Dr. Megan Ridley

Sahara first came to IPC in April 2014 on the recommendation of her primary care vet, Dr. C at Saharagoing to have surgery for luxating patellas, but some weight loss and strengthening was needed first. Dr. Ridley recommended a “prehab” regimen which included underwater treadmill, exercise and therapeutic laser. Sahara recovered well after surgery and started post-surgery rehabilitation soon after. Today she is on a maintenance plan that includes once weekly underwater treadmill or a combo session of exercise, massage & laser.

“Honestly, I have no real idea how old she is anymore, because she seems to be getting younger and younger due to all the help with her knees, and her ongoing therapy.  She’s much more active, and seems very happy!”

-Belinda, Sahara’s mom

Since starting rehab at IPC, Sahara has dropped 7 pounds (AMAZING for a little dog) and can walk further than before (even though she’d rather not)!!  We adore Sahara and are so proud of her progress!

Make a Difference!

Since Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah brought Sahara and her mom together, she’s asked that we tell you all about them.  Best Friends has a one mission, “to bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets” and an even better vision, “a better world through kindness to animals”.  Please consider donating or better yet visiting the sanctuary!