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Patient of the Month July 2015

Prada in her hatPrada

What more can we say about Prada besides, “SHE’S AWESOME”?!  Prada is an almost 16 year old Lhasa Apso mix, but you’d never guess her age by looking at her. She still rocks it in the underwater treadmill by going for 20 minutes at a speed between .5-.7 miles an hour! Prada has been a patient of IPC since the fall of 2009. Whether it was keeping her conditioned for competitions, rehabbing her knee surgery or helping her bounce back from an 11 day stay in the ER, we’ve been cheering Prada on every step of the way!

Since the age of 2, Prada has been a therapy dog with Canine Therapy Corp and is currently the oldest active member!  She regularly works at The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and does outreach like Camp I Am Me, which benefits young burn victims. Besides her busy volunteer life, Prada competed in AKC & UKC obedience until she was 11! Prada has more on her plate than many adults!

“Every time she’s running around the house like a puppy or sprinting down the sidewalk after a 2-3 mile walk, we say ‘thank you IPC’ and smile.”  

-Michelle, Prada’s mom

In 2014, Prada gave everyone quite a scare when she went in for surgery to remove a cancerous growth in her abdomen. WhilePrada plays ball the surgery was a success, a prescription error by the pharmacy sent her into liver failure. Her family never gave up on her and after an 11 day stay at the ER, she was released. Prada miraculously survived, but had lost 1/4 of her body weight and was incredibly weak. She came to us shortly after and Dr. Zenoni prescribed a plan targeting pain relief and strengthening as well as a regimen of supplements. We watched closely as Prada bounced back and was even able to volunteer after a month. After watching Prada trot around the clinic, it’s hard to believe that we almost lost this spunky little girl a year ago!

“I am in awe of Prada- she is truly a miracle
dog.  Nothing keeps her down!”

-Dr. Deanne Zenoni

Make a Difference!

This month, Prada has asked that we tell you about Canine Therapy Corps. ‘CTC provides interactive, animal-assisted therapy programs to a wide variety of populations. Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is a goal-directed intervention in which a trained, certified animal is an integral part of the rehabilitation or treatment process. Provided by a handler in a program, and developed with or by health care and human services professionals, AAT is designed to promote improvement in human physical, emotional and cognitive functions.’  Please consider donating to keep this program going!