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Patient of the Month April 2015



Arthur’s parents were initially looking for a pal for their other old english sheepdog, Winston who, at the time, had recently lost his brother Duke.  Well, it was love at first sight the second they saw him on Chicagoland Old English Sheepdog Rescue’s website!  They opened their hearts and home to the 10 year old knowing that he would have a hard time finding a family and it seemed like the perfect fit for their 12 year old Sheepdog Winston.  They became immediate pals, spending their days as gentlemen of leisure should.

Arthur was surrendered to the rescue because he was having “accidents” in the house.  Well it turned out that he had a long term untreated urinary tract infection and had been about 50 lbs overweight at one point.  He had led a largely sedentary life, which negatively impacted his health and fitness. Jim and Scott wanted him to be as healthy and happy for his new life with them so they decided to bring him in for an evaluation.  They saw great results for Winston and knew that Integrative Pet Care’s approach to working with each pet on an individual basis to find out what works best would be the key to his success!

“Getting him healthy has made his loveable spirit and personality shine!”

-Jim, Arthur’s Dad

Before starting therapy, Arthur’s dad Jim said he was not able to do the most simple things and he would mostly just lie on the floor.  He was only able to walk short distances and wasn’t able to sit.  Well today Arthur is now the active senior he was always meant to be!  He’s able to go for sightseeing strolls, can stand for extended periods of time and can now sit (especially for treats!).Arthur and Sam napping

“Arthur has come a long way since his start at IPC.  His strength and endurance have improved greatly!  I love his ‘can do’ attitude …and he ‘can do’ anything, especially when a treat is involved.  You’ve earned Patient of the Month, well done!” 

-Laura, Arthur’s therapist

“When I first met Arthur he could barely walk without help from his owners.  Since starting his therapy, he truly has a new lease on life!  It’s so good to see him moving around with less pain.  Big thanks to his amazing owners and his Integrative family!”  

-Dr. Stutzman, Arthur’s primary care vet at Uptown Animal Hospital

“Since starting therapy Arthur is stronger, more active and doing better over all.  We couldn’t ask for a more compliant patient or parents!”

-Dr. Deanne Zenoni

Make a Difference!

Each month we ask our POTM to designate an animal relation foundation or charity to spotlight.  This month we are excited to tell you about Chicagoland Old English Sheepdog Club Rescue!  Please visit their site for more information and consider making a donation.