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Patient of the Month March 2015

Birkin on treadmill


The first thing you notice about Birkin (besides her adorable face) is her extremely happy demeanor. Even when she’s not feeling too hot, she’ll greet you with a grin and a happy tail. We first met Birkin in June 2014 when she came to us for limping on her right rear leg.  We were hopeful that therapy would prevent surgery, but unfortunately she was just too active! Dr. Zenoni referred her to Dr. Wolf at Premier Veterinary Group for a surgical consultation. It turns out that Birkin had a fully torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) and a luxating patella- which could only be corrected with surgery.

Birkin came back to us shortly after surgery and made an amazing recovery (although she did look pretty pathetic with a shaved leg and cone of shame)!

“Seeing Birkin’s name on my schedule is a surefire way to make my day. She is a burst of energy when she greets me, and defines the meaning of “work hard, play hard!” I’m quite confident that Pharrell’s song, “Happy,” should play all around her, as she makes her way through life. Way to go, Baby Birkin; you are so deserving of this recognition!!!”    

-Laura, Birkin’s therapist

Shannon got Birkin as a 3 month old pup and she and her sister were actually the inspiration for her non-profit animal rescue, Furever Rescue!  Birkin has a allergies since a puppy and her mom spent countless hours trying to figure out and fix.  Birkin loves everything, but her FAVORITE past time is eating- there’s nothing she won’t try! Her hobbies include wagging her tail, giving kisses and being the happiest dog in the world.Birkin doing cavalettis

After Birkin hurt herself, Shannon was hesitant to go straight to surgery so she did some research.

“IPC came highly recommended and had great ratings so she decided to give therapy a try. Birkin couldn’t even put weight on her rear leg and seemed like she was constantly in pain.  She improved a little after her first round of sessions, but we finally concluded that Birkin needed a bit more than therapy  Post surgery, Birkin was such a sad sight, but we got her right back in the saddle and on her way to her most favorite place on earth, IPC!  Birkin is now able to run and play with her sister CoCo, she can go for long walks and not have to carry her leg in pain after”


“Birkin is a ray of sunshine when she comes into the clinic.  She is a happy go lucky girl that looks foward to therapy.”

-Dr. Deanne Zenoni

Make a Difference!

Each month we ask our POTM to designate an animal relation foundation or charity to spotlight.  This month we are excited to tell you about Furever Rescue!  Birkin and her sister CoCo were the inspiration behind the organization that her mom Shannon co-founded.  Furever Rescue is made up of a group of women dedicated to helping animals who need rescue, medical care, rehabilitation, love, and of course a Furever home.  They are a 100% volunteer run, foster based organization that relies on donations & volunteers to keep saving animals lives. Please visit their site for more information and consider making a donation.