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Weight Loss at IPC Homer Glen

Brita Underwater TreadmillHow can I help my pet shed the weight?

At IPC of Homer Glen, we understand how hard it can be to know exactly what to feed your pet and how much. That’s why before you start slim club we do a weight loss consult with our weight loss coach, Katie. Together, you will go over your pets’ weight and diet history. From there, Katie will come up with a personalized diet and weight loss program for your pet. Like the food your pet is on? No Problem! Katie works with you to keep your pet on their food of choice.

Weight loss isn’t just for Dogs! Our Coach will also work with your kitty to get them on the road to a skinnier and healthier life. ( Cat weight loss is solely diet change and exercise at home. No water for them!)

The next step is to establish an exercise routine! Integrative Pet Care now offers a “gym membership” to help you get your pet back in shape and on the road to wellness! Our Slim Club includes 10 sessions in the Underwater Treadmill or Land Treadmill. When you have an IPC Slim Club membership your pet works one-on-one with our rehabilitation certified assistant Katie to make their weight loss journey a safe and effective one!

  • Slim Club includes a weight loss consult, 10 treadmill sessions and rechecks.
  • Sessions can be done in the Underwater Treadmill or on the Land Treadmill.
  • Sessions are 30 minutes in total
  • Available by appointment only
  • Day boarding makes getting your pet in shape easy and convenient for you
  • Pets must have a waiver signed by their primary care veterinarian and faxed or email prior to the first session

We offer weight loss consults Monday through Friday.

Slim club sessions are available on

Move it Mondays 9am-4pm

Work Out Wednesdays 9am-12pm

Fitness Fridays 9am-1pm

Our weight loss coach is here for you and your pet. Together we can help your pet live a healthier and skinnier life!

About our Coach:

Katie has had a passion for weight loss in pets after seeing what an amazing difference it made in the lives of her own pets. She has since completed both the Weight Loss Coach program through Purina and The Veterinary Advocacy Program through Hill’s.