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Patient of the Month January 2015

Kayla at Starved Rock


When Laura walked into Anti-Cruelty in 2011, she had her mind set on adopting a smaller dog.  Well, all that changed when she saw a quiet dog staring at her with those ‘sad eyes’ that you just can’t resist.  Kayla was 3 ½ at that time and had been relinquished due to a family member’s allergies and then returned by another family after she ate a couch.  4 years later Laura and Kayla are attached at the hip and she has yet to eat anything she shouldn’t. Kayla is the perfect mix of hiking companion and couch snuggler!

Shortly after being adopted Kayla started limping and x-rays showed bone spurs (ouch!) and the start of arthritis in her right front leg.  Luckily Kayla was in the hands of Laura who immediately took her to see a surgeon at Premier Veterinary Group.  She was limp free for almost 2 years after her surgery, but it slowly came back.  At the recommendation of 2 vets and a friend, Laura brought Kayla to us in January of 2014.  She was soon a regular and over this past year we’ve gotten to know this duo really well. Kayla is a powerhouse who is eager to perform anything her therapist throws at her (as long as treats are involved)!

Over the past year, Kayla has been coming 2-3 times weekly for underwater treadmill and a combination session of therapeutic exercise, therapeutic massage, laser IV and ultrasound. Regular acupuncture and chiropractic appointments with Dr. Zenoni keep Kayla tuned up and comfortable!

Most recently she did a series of shockwave treatments.  All her regular therapies were helping her build muscle in her right leg and she eventually limped less and less.  Her head bob went away completely after about 4 months.  When she got the Shockwave treatment it was done for both her front leg and her back leg.  The back leg responded after the second treatment.  Kayla no longer did her “poop dance” (moving her back legs all over the place to find a comfortable stance to poop).  She has had a follow up Shockwave treatment that has helped keep her back leg more mobile.  Kayla in Underwater Treadmill

“She is definitely a different dog after going to IPC. She’ll never be healed completed but she has improved drastically.”

-Laura, Kayla’s mom

Kayla’s daily life involves a morning walk around 5am, then some more sleeping until about 8:30.  She gets picked up for daycare at Urban Outsitters and spends the day lying around inside or looking for squirrels outside.  She gets brought home around 5:30 and we go for a nice long walk – usually to a park to look for more squirrels or rabbits.  After some snuggling on the couch, she gets a final quick walk and then off to bed (usually her mom’s)!  2-3 times a week she comes to Integrative for her therapy.  On the weekends there is usually a visit to the Montrose dog beach or the suburban off leash dog park East Branch Forest Preserve in Glen Ellyn.  She is happiest outside looking for little critters or on the couch by her people.  She also has 2 cat roommates!  They don’t snuggle together, but they will sleep on the same couch.  And the cats drink out of Kayla’s water bowl (uninvited of course)!

“Considering the orthopedic challenges that Kayla has, she always comes in with boundless energy and a smile.  She’s also a hard worker which makes her the perfect rehab patient!!”  

– Laura, Kayla’s primary therapist

Make a Difference!

We have asked our patient of the month to designate a group that they would like our clients and friends to donate to during their month long “reign.” This month, Kayla has asked that we tell you about The Anti-Cruelty Society.  Since being established in 1899, their focus has been on “building a community of caring by helping pets and educating people”.  You can find out how to help or make a donation through their website. It would make Kayla’s day!